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Charlotte  // preceding railing racket off a porcelain basin // • // id love it if we made it // •

i was feeling rather cute earlier; n then had a lovely day ☺️

throwing it back to last year when life was more simple and Tonisha was cute 🥰
#bestie #bestfriend #phunky

haven’t posted a naked face selfie in a while ☺️

the other night @good_food_lairy_chef actually got into the bin when I told him too on FaceTime 😂
@tonishahoyte @lovevintagebeauty
what a tit #getinthebin #bin

Christmas was fun 💖🎄
i’m so grateful for everyone in my life right now, I’m so lucky.
also helps that they are a lil bit pretty 😂🤷🏻‍♀️🥰 #christmas #friends #family

did a pretty last night 🥰

Seeing these little ones, their sister and their parents always cheers me up.
Love them all so much 💖
#niece #nieces #twins #bestfriend #bestfriendlove #babyfever
@lovevintagebeauty @good_food_lairy_chef

oops 🙊

inner emo came out last night let me tell ya.

Not Stan 😔💔😢
#stanlee #rip #marvel


Logan is my new favourite love 💖

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