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b r i t t a n y k a y ♡  realness + (mental) wellbeing writer soultrepeneur 🌞 nap connoisseur let’s be friends ☆

nugget 🧡 so glad we got to share in @alliecat1991 and Brandon’s fairytale day #kisskahm

Hey insta! What’s happenin’, what’s up? I know it’s been a minute, but me and my psyche had to call a time out on a lot of things – one of them being social media. Life has thrown a lot of shit my way this year and it forced me to step back and take about 1200 deep breaths. Annnnnnnd repeat that process about 1200 times.⁣

It’s so easy to get swept up in the constant need to be proving ourselves, to be doing or creating or moving or changing or improving or impressing. To be making our mark on the world and forging the path for the next generation and earning a billion dollars and excelling at our jobs and keeping up with friends and fam. The world is always screaming at us to do MORE MORE MORE, make more be more earn more love more anything more. And a lot of us do just that – give all of ourselves to every aspect of our lives in hopes of getting MORE out life. Until one day you wake up and realize that you have nothing left to give.⁣

This is your (and my) gentle reminder that more isn’t always better. More doesn’t always equal happiness or wealth or love. More doesn’t solve your problems, and more doesn’t guarantee a better life. Sometimes all more does is leave you empty and broken and frustrated and exhausted and at your wit’s end. Sometimes, what we really need is less.⁣

Don’t be afraid to say no, to turn off your phone, to take time for yourself, to stop and smell the roses. You can always do MORE tomorrow. Why not give yourself the gift of less today?

Obsessed with this hydrolyzed bone broth protein by @zammexnutrition! It blends so easily into my morning coffee and is SO good for you. Makes me feel a little better about downing 12 gallons of caffeine 😅 bone broth is amazing because it does SO MUCH. Supports bones, improves mood, helps digestion and immune system and so much more. what are your thoughts on bone broth?

the wound is the place where the light enters 💡

Sundays are for couch sitting + soul searching 🌞

Thank you my gorgeous angel friends for all the birthday wishes. And thanks for always loving me, even when I’m a pain in the ass. Blessed doesn’t begin to cover this lil ole life of mine🧡💐

It’s a nice day to start again 🌜

Absolutely positively obsessed with @dani_naturals 😍😍😍 natural amazing products that are my fav for self care 💙

Floor selfies, messy hair + uneven eyebrows = the perfect Saturday 🌜

Happy international women’s day to my ride or dies/rain or shines. Thank you for lighting up my damn life every single day. Thank you for being the floor I crumble on and the Red Bull that gives me wings to get off the ground. Couldn’t do life without ya + I’ll shout you out every chance I get 🧡

Growing up I was taught that loving your job didn’t matter as long as it paid the bills. Go to work, come home, and do it again until you retired was the motto. With these beliefs in tow, I basically went out and found any job that would take me and pay me. Whenever I got bored or wanted to move on, I thought there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I just be satisfied with the fact that I had a job that paid? Why did I always want MORE?

The last few years I’ve realized how wrong my previous thinking was. I wasn’t bad or inadequate for not liking a job — I was HUMAN. I had needs and wants and goals and dreams. I’m allowed to want to pursue them. I’m allowed to do something I LOVE.

And that’s exactly what I found with my lil’ shampoo side hustle. It fulfills SO MUCH MORE than just the need to get paid. I get to HELP people. I get to meet amazing babes all over the world and build relationships with them. I get to help people love their hair again. I get to travel. I get time freedom, money freedom, everything freedom. I get to do something I truly, whole heartedly enjoy and GET PAID FOR IT. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pinch-me moment every time I think about it.

I hope you’re doing something you love. And if not, I hope you have the courage to make a change.

Is 9 am too early for a nap or..? 😅😴

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