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Ashley Toole  My hearing loss journey Tackling the unsexy topic of hearing & making it fun (hopefully!) Squashing negative stigmas

Don’t go through this journey with hearing loss alone! Let me be a resource to you. I’ve worn hearing aids for 32 years and have worked in the hearing care industry for 15 years. This blend of personal and professional experience gives me a unique perspective that helps me help you in your journey. I’m working hard to get more content to you but in the meantime, feel free to ask me questions!
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Here I am, just talking to myself. Oblivious to the stares from people around me, looking at me like I’m nutty. 🤣
Not really, I’m chatting with my mama on my bluetooth hearing aids. 💕
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Check me out! I overcame fear and did the trapeze! This video is my 2nd attempt. The first time, I couldn’t hear the instructions well enough and didn’t do the flip. On the 2nd attempt, my husband held up my phone to the instructor so I could hear through the Bluetooth Microphone! Isn’t that so cool?? I am on cloud nine!! #trapeze #hearinglosswontstopme #superpowers #bluetoothhearingaids #hearingaidsrock #overcomingfear

Hot tubbing with friends on my birthday! Can’t get much better than this! 🥰
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Oldies but goodies. I loved my pink hearing aids from back in the day. I wish manufacturers would put out more fun colors! I'd have a pink hearing aid again! Or better yet, a ROSE GOLD! Come on! Who wouldn't love a rose gold hearing aid?? A dream of mine would be to get a hearing aid custom designed just for me!!
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One thing I never expected was to LOVE rechargeable hearing aids. But I do! No more tiny batteries rolling around in my purse, junk drawer, and car door. I used to have the sticky tabs in my hair, under furniture and everything else. And the best part is I don’t have to change my batteries when I’m trying to have dinner with friends or while I am driving. Not all rechargeable are created the same so be aware! But I do love my LinxQuattros! Thanks @resoundglobal!! ⠀

Picture was taken at East Bay Inn, Savanna, GA. Beautiful hotel! I wanted to take the green lamp home! Lol! Supposedly the Inn is haunted but we didn’t experience anything other than a relaxing night without kids. ⠀

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Tunity allows me to hear the muted tv across the restaurant, directly into my hearing aids. Here’s an example of when I can hear better than you! 🤣
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30 plus years of wearing hearing aids means I will always be a patient first! Just because I am on the other side of the audio booth does not mean I have forgotten how it feels to be the one on the inside. Having your hearing tested can feel nerve wracking at best. You’re being tested on something you can not study for!! My advice for anyone who is avoiding the dreaded hearing test?? Know what to expect AND work with a hearing care provider that you can trust. I’ll be posting a video soon about “what to expect when having your hearing tested” so watch out for it!
Comment below with 🙋🏻‍♀️ if you or someone you know might have some hearing loss!
I’d love to answer any questions you have so dm me or comment with questions!! #hearingloss #hearingaids #showyourhearingaids #veniceflorida #livingmybestlife #healthandwellness

There is one really big benefit to having severe hearing loss... nothing wakes me up! 😴
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My hearing loss was something I was embarrassed about most of my life. I felt it made me unlikeable. I wore the smallest hearing aid I could possibly get away with. Now, I want to tell everyone about it! I can’t say what caused the shift but I am so grateful for it. My dream is to inspire people to look at hearing aids as something that’s cool! I want hearing aids to be as common as glasses! I read a statistic that said 36 million Americans have hearing loss. Thats a lot of people and they are not all “older.” I hope I can help show them it’s ok and if hearing aids are appropriate for them, they are awesome! That’s why I work in the field. As a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, I get to talk to people all day about hearing aids. (Whether they want to or not!) 🤣🤣
I had a lady in my office last week who was accessorized head to toe. She had her purse, jewelry, prescription glasses and her walking cane all coordinated in a turquoise blue. I asked her if she did this on purpose because she looked so cute. She said, “Absolutely! I have a whole closet full of purses, canes, glasses and jewelry so I can match everyday. I love doing it!” I was so excited! I asked her what she thought about getting blue hearing aids. She literally looked at me like I was insane. “Oh no, I don’t want ANYONE to know that I wear hearing aids!” I felt so deflated. I’m all for people wanting to keep their hearing loss discrete and private but this lady was sporting bright colorful CANES and her glasses were huge and blue!?!? So, to all of you who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, or if you know someone who does, #showyourhearingaids! Be proud of them! Talk about them! And while you’re at it, follow my page! 🥰

Picture credit goes to my 3 year old. 😉

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They even took his temperature!! 🤣
I have had some nasty jellybeans before but never felt the need for medical treatment. 🍬
Let’s guess which jellybean he ate!!Whats the worst jellybean flavor in your opinion?? #momlife #nastyjellybeans #eastercandy

Happy Easter! ✝️ We decided to paint wooden eggs this year. What do you think? The boys and I had a lot of fun! No boiling eggs, no vinegar smells and painting is way more fun than balancing an egg in a tiny wire holder.
Hope you have a blessed day!
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