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As a world, we will continue to change. Continue to grow, and flourish. It's a world - a wonderful - a weird, but still wonderful world where people should have the freedom to express THEMSELVES as they see fit, yes. But a world that should always remember that no two people are the same. Where no two people think or sound or look the same. People feel differently. Act differently. Live differently.
THIS is a world where innocent people should not have to die and die and die and die and die because of their differences.
This world needs to accept and celebrate its differences.

Enough now.
This is a world that will continue to forgive, but that will never forget the harshness of its haters.
This is our world. This is the world we share. This is a world we will always ALL share.

Our world is only a world if it is made up of all of its people from all of its countries.
We, all of us together, make our world.
So learn to love it if you don't already. For the sake of us all. For the sake of our world.

My thoughts are in Barcelona. My thoughts are with you all. X

Busted. Nothing like a quick boat change.

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It fills me with so much joy to announce that my new film #JourneysEnd has made it in to the Toronto Film Festival this year. Never have I felt prouder of such an overall team effort, and I am honoured to bring this incredible story to life on the big screen.
For those of you who are new to it, I am utterly thrilled for you. For those of you who know it already, I hope we do it justice. And to those men and women who have sacrificed themselves and for those who continue to serve our country proudly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope we can make you as proud as you make me.

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*Don't try this at home*

Sometimes I like to look at what I can't have. I don't know why. I already regret it.
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Feeling very lucky today and just wanted to wish everyone a good morning, a good day, and a good night.

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I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has and continues to make my life a very blessed one.
Special shout out to #riversfiji and the #Adrift Stunties for making today so so special. And indeed to all involved. So much planning and thought went in to it. It's hard to call a day like that 'work'. It's just another happy reminder that I lead a very lucky life... I don't mean to rub anyone's nose in. I just felt compelled to share some of this Earths beauty.

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Do this. Day made.

Chill bruh.
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I have some Draconian Pineapples today.
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Just TOO unbelievably beautiful. A picture still doesn't do this place justice.
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Bula beautiful
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Sometimes you just gotta find ways of entertaining yourself... #Adrift #FijiFun

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