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Mrs. TwoWheelPicker  Life through my 👀 ☆Co-own TWP Bicycle Shop☆🤔Visual Diary~Amateur Photographer📸Books 📚Good Convo🗣Colorful Life🎨Animal Lover🐱🐯🦁Do good before ⚰️

Our Two Wheel Pickers team will be walking on Saturday, April 21st at 9:00am to support our son, Brandon, and many others who live daily with the challenges of Type 1 Diabetes. Please consider donating to our team so we may help JDRF continue helping our families make their lives more functional and ultimately, find the much needed cure for this auto-immune disease. Click on the JDRF link in my page bio or copy the following page link to donate or even join our walk team! http://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR/Walk/SouthFloridaChapter4132?team_id=252715&pg=team&fr_id=7243. #jdrf1walk2018 #type1diabetes #jdrf #findacure #diabetessucks #forourson @nickjonas @derektheler @singlikeyaminit @drnatstrand @chefsamtalbot @theellenshow @wilmervalderrama @gwynethpaltrow @therock @ricky_martin @driverryanreed @type1diabetesawareness @u.s.surgeongeneral @driverryanreed @jlo @arod @llcoolj @imaginedragons @metallica @kissonline @genesimmons #US @charliekimball @adamlasher #t1d @garciacompanies @bretmichaelsofficial

I have SO very much to be grateful for this year. I wish I had arms long enough to hug everyone I love, who have surrounded me with support and love in return, who are still a part of my interesting life and motivate me to wake up every morning because...Life Is Beautiful 💜🙏🦋🌻☀️ #thankyou #lifeisbeautiful #ilovemyfamily #ilovemyhusband #ilovemyfriends #ilovemyjob #ilovelife #gratitude #alwaysbegrateful #brickell #westkendall #miami #thanksgiving #happyvegan #veganthanksgiving #idonteatmeat #loveyourlife @twowheelpickerbicycleshop

Sunday walks with Him🙏Our conversations are very deep and reflective, His advise is spot on and His company is always welcome💜He was in a good mood too...sent me a great breeze to walk longer 😉 #sundayswithgod #sundaywalk #conversationswithgod #beautifulsky #skyfullofclouds #bluesky #thankyougod #justlisten #sundaymorning #faith #clouds #cottonclouds

Yesterday was a horrible day for Frank and I. You go to work, try to make an honest living without a single thought in your mind that anyone would try to scam you because we don't wake up in the morning thinking people are out to hurt us, yet there are LOW LIFE individuals, with no moral compass in life, walking this earth that wake up every morning to prey on other people to steal their earnings dishonestly; vulnerable because you fear you'll have your power shut off not remembering if you really did forget to pay something because you're so busy trying to survive, while you're working on deadlines to help others, etc. It sickens me that people do this and worst...that they did it to us 😞 We've reported our theft to local police, as well as the FBI, as it seems the network is operating in several states. This can't happen to you, right?! Well, don't be too confident....just be alert, and hopefully you're not caught off-guard. Because of this, our health was compromised yesterday, our belief that others aren't out to hurt us has been questioned and anger took over our well-being. I'm confident if more people report these matters immediately, as we did, they will be caught. If YOU are reading this and are one of them, you still have time to change your life before it’s too late...try waking up in the morning and getting a real job! When you die, you’ll have to answer to what you’ve done in life...I’d get the job if I️ were you! We lost 2 days of well-earned income yesterday, but I have no doubt our Lord will multiply it later. Psalm 23🙏 #insidefpl #floridapowerandlight #getarealjob #miamidadepolice #fbi #itcanhappentoyou #scam #phonescam

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