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Penny Renee Bailey  Mom and bonus-mom to 5 awesome kids Chiropractor's wife🤴 Grad Student. ✌🏼❤️🙏🏼 Future School Counselor Fitness is my journey 💪

Spring fun in the sun 🥰

365 days after saying "I do" and you still make my life magical. Life is better with you @baileyjared Happy Anniversary 🥰

Cause life is better when you dance...♥️♥️

How insane is it that we can let a single person or a single event define our worth?? Why would we give someone or something such power?
Maybe I wasn't enough for the man that wasn't ready to be a father. And that's ok. I spent years letting that define me. I spent years searching for my worth. Well, knowing your worth is priceless. No matter how long it takes you to get there. I push the limits for me. I push the limits for my kids. I push so they can see hard work and know they are worthy. Always.
#childofgod #selflove

Sometimes I can be my own motivation. And sometimes I self sabatoge. But every time I see that smile I get motivated to be a better me! #fitmom

Shout out to this hunk for cooking for me the last 2 days while I've been cramming to complete a 10 page paper. Thank you for always understanding and providing. Oh, and look at that perfectly sculpted beard 🤩😘 @baileyjared

How do you self care??
Life has been super busy lately and my favorite way to self care is getting some free time with this hunk! @baileyjared

Parenting fail...sometimes it feels like I have so many of these. I mean, we as women are supposed to just know what to do, right?
My son shuts down when he's upset. I don't, so we are polar opposites. Which usually leads to me saying something like, "Dude, I can't read your mind". While driving to work this morning I was internally berating myself. I need to be a better mother. I need to be more patient. Why would he expect me to read his little mind? Does he think I know everything?? Then it hit me. Yes he does. From the moment he was born I have known exactly what he needed when he needed it and suddenly I expect him to tell me. I am his Mom, aren't I supposed to have all the answers and all the solutions?
To him I DO know everything.
And I NEVER want to change that. Even when I don't know an answer, I want to be able to walk with him to find one.
Lesson learned. I pray that my next parenting fail can lead to more revelations!
And I pray for all the mommas who feel like they never have the right answer, I'm right there with ya!
#fitmom #momlifeisthebestlife

I ate carbs today. AND I had desert. And you know what?? I don't regret it. I'm not perfect and I won't deprive myself all the time. It's the holidays! It makes my workout that much more important. My #1 workout on Christmas from #beachbodyondemand? @80dayobsession Cardio Core, phase 1, week 4! #topchristmasworkout #beachbodycontest

Merry Christmas from this Bailey Bunch!! There is nothing better than family ♥️♥️ @baileyjared

When Saun T works your tush off in just 20 minutes....😳 Have I ever mentioned I highly dislike cardio?? As a mom & bonus mom to 5 littles, 4 of which are in sports, my time is more precious than gold. I'm sure you can relate! @transform_20 takes 20 minutes a day to transform your life! It can't get much better than that!

A house is made of wood and stone, but only love can make a home. #homeiswithhim @baileyjared

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