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Olivia DeVries 🎀  ✌🏻We only spread kindness here MI 🇺🇸• wife@devriejs💍 • mama💜💙 💌oliviadevries1027@gmail.com

It’s sweater season and @hm has the cutest, coziest knit sweaters! I love this pink find. 💕 Plus #bathroomselfie because why not.

It’s cold and raining in Michigan. ❄️ That means layer season is upon us. Would you believe me if I told you I was wearing a tank top, t-shirt, sweater, north face zip up jacket, AND my winter coat? Because that’s my current situation. 😂 I hate being cold!
@anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow in Taupe set with one of the orange shades from the @morphebrushes 35O palette
@milanicosmetics luminoso blush
@thebalm_cosmetics maryloumanizer highlight
@maybelline fit me concealer under eyes and on spots here and there. No foundation today.
@arcticfoxhaircolor Porange and Sunset Orange
@overtonecolor Extreme Orange

Today is the first day of my new shift at work. I’m hoping that working in the evenings with weekdays off will give me time to spend more time being creative again. I miss talking to you guys!
@arcticfoxhaircolor sunset orange and porange
@overtonecolor extreme orange

#throwback because I kind of miss black hair and bangs. What do you guys think?

This day was so magical. I felt like a real fairytale princess who had finally found her knight. We’ve had good times and bad times since then, but the memories of the best day of our time together always pulls me through my dark days. I can’t wait to keep making more “best day ever” memories with you. 💕💙👑

It’s funny how time moves. A day, or a month, or a year can seem like the longest, most exhausting time of your life and then in an instant it’s over and done with and you’re amazed at how fast time has gone by. It can be so hard when you’re living in the tough moments and you feel like it’ll never get better and then suddenly you’re looking back at how far you’ve come. Don’t let yourself forget that someday all the hard times will be memories and you’ll be so much stronger for having lived through them. But don’t wish your time away either. Live each day, because they’ll only keep slipping away on you. Time moves fast and before you know it years have gone by. Appreciate the moments that you’re living in now because you’ll never be able to get them back again. P.S. I miss you guys! 💜

I had such a great birthday with a great group of people today. I had to work, but it was definitely one of the best days of “work” that I could have ever had. We got to volunteer with our Farmers training class at DA Blodgett and help them clean up a trail through the woods around their children’s homes. I’m blessed to have found a company who does so much for their community and for their employees as well. And I’m lucky to have ended up training with the most awesome group of people ever.

It’s sweater weather in Michigan and this @hm sweater gives me all the fall life 🙌🏼 🍁 hair is @arcticfoxhaircolor #sunsetorange and #porange maintained with @overtonecolor extreme orange 🍊

I’m so glad that you’re in my life. Marriage is making a choice and then continuing to make that choice every day for the rest of your life; through good times and bad times, on days where you’re head over heels in love and on days where you maybe don’t like each other so much, when the money is rolling in and when you’re scraping your piggy bank for pennies, in the best of health and on your hospital death bed. “I think that one of the bravest things you can do is promise the future to someone, and accepting that promise takes equal strength. You have to acknowledge the fact that life is going to change, your love will change, but that you’ll have the strength and will power to hold on to your promise through it all. So I’m not going to promise obnoxious things like undying, unchanging love. That’s unrealistic. But, I WILL promise to never be the first one to walk away when things get hard. Marriage is making a choice and then continuing to make that choice every day for the rest of your life and today I am choosing you.” -I wrote that and spoke those words to you at our wedding and I want you to know that I still choose you today and every day. I’m so glad that we got to spend a night together just being us again. We’ve been through all kinds of things that could have caused us to lose each other and to be torn apart, but we’ve come through to the other side together every time and your hand is still the only one I want to help guide my through the rest of our lives. Let’s get really really really old together. 💘

@overtonecolor extreme orange and @arcticfoxhaircolor sunset orange and porange are giving my hair life 🙌🏼

Ok, it’s been a hot minute. I know, I know. I’ve been so busy with training at my new job. Only a few more weeks to go and then I’ll be back on a schedule that gives me a little more time to be creative. On a side note though, swipe over 👉🏻 and let me tell you about this product that has seriously saved my skin. I have acne prone skin and usually get really bad period breakouts, but I’ve been using this @pareikskinco Baby’s Bottom 👶🏼👶🏻👶🏾 mask a few times a week for a couple months now and I am so amazed at how clear my skin has been. It’s no joke. This stuff is legit. And it comes from right here in MI, which I love. I highly HIGHLY recommended you check them out. I’m hooked. (Plus it’s actually called “Baby’s Bottom” 😂 just the name makes it awesome. LOL)

Today my big girl Giselle turned 7. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and how big and smart and unique she’s grown up to be. Happy birthday Giselle! In other news, Ezra decided to use Giselle’s birthday party to debut his first steps. I’m so proud of both of them. 💜💙

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