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Maverick Do(g)brev 

Unicorns, we roll in packs. #🦄Squad

Ugh. I'm exhausted just watching mom work out.

To go in the water or not to go in the water. That is the question. -Shakespeare

Hashtag I woke up like this

Dobrev and Do(g)brev. We're a family of Rebels. ⚠️

Everybody made a big fuss about the 4th. I thought coming in 3rd place wasn't even good... guess I'm still learning.

Floating is kind of like walking on water... #SundayFundayz

Mommy told me @riawna is the best hairstylist in hollywood and that people wait MONTHS to get an appointment with her. So I'm feeling prrrreeeettttttttyyyyyy special that my first salon experience was with such an A-Lister. I'm officially a #901Bitch ... I mean Girl, 901 GIRL. Whoops, Momma's gonna wash my mouth out with soap for that one... 😬😅🤦🏻‍♀️ ・・・ #Repost @riawna ・・・Haven't seen @nina in months. Her hair and the pup have grown so much, so we gave them both a little trim. 😂 #901pooch

I'm basically a professional traveler at this point. You can call me George Clooney. #UpInTheAir

Why would they have benches at dog parks if the wanted you to stand? #DUH

Important Announcement! I have a new nickname. Maverick the Unicorn. Mommy says they're magical mystical rare beings just like me. I'll take her word for it. #🐶#🦄

Mommy and me #SundayFunday🐶

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