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Courtney Jones  Mr. Reilly 🐈and his hens: Buffy- buff orpington Peanut- light brahma Nugget- buff rock Poppy and Sporty- gold neck D'uccles Ginger- game hen mix

Conversations with Poppy. πŸ‘‘
I apologize for not already thanking everyone for the amazing outpouring of love for our sweet girl. I read her some of the well wishes and I swear she perked up and was smiling. We appreciate all the kind words so much. πŸ’ž
She has not had much change but is hanging in there. We're suspicious her symptoms are from internal laying and possibly egg yolk peritonitis, but it's not confirmed. It's not necessary a death sentence, if treated in time.
Time will tell.

Oh πŸ‘‹ mom. We heard you were home so we thought we'd let you know we're ready to run around the living room and πŸ’© on everything you love. #crazyteenagers #dittles #independencestreak

Popular teenager hangout.
#dittles #teenagers #awkwardstage

Hey Poppy, those Tums are for eating, not for tagging the fireplace. Way to be resourceful though. πŸ‘
In a pinch, Tums work great as sidewalk chalk, who knew?
#graffitiartist #poppy #thoseizzles #busted

Sleepy little poopers. #teenagers #awkwardstage #dittles #duccles

Chicken dad made the Dittles a food dish. Hey, it really cuts down on the waste, lol. #lego #whateverworks #dittles

Breakfast cocktail 🍼🍹
Swipe ➑ to see Poppy's x-rays
Honestly, it's really frustrating not knowing what is wrong with her.

Princess Poppy is still hanging in there. Not much change with her energy level but she is alert and she has a tiny bit more color.

Boo was extra cuddly today. It was like she knew we needed that.
#theboo #ginger #thesnuggleisreal

Boo, the Archaeopteryx.
Archaeopteryx, meaning "old wing", is a genus of bird-like dinosaurs that is transitional between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds. (Wikipedia)
Poor Boo puts up with a lot, being at the bottom of the pecking order. Peanut can be a real mother clucker sometimes. Today, she was standing on her back, pecking the crap out of her and poor Boo just squatted and took it. Buffy and Nugget stood by and did nothing. Don't be like Buffy and Nugget. Chicken dad saw it luckily and broke it up.
I'm wondering if we need to put Peanut back on hormones? She much less of an angry bird when she's not laying.
#theboo #archaeopteryx #thatnut #motherclucker #sunbathing #disisnice

Sporty is helping her sister out by preening her beard. Just look at the difference in comb color. πŸ˜₯

Boo is confused and wondering why Poppy isn't trying to jack her up. #peckingorderproblems #theboo #poppy

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