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Peter Frampton 

In Rio for Carnival 1979. Apparently this is where the phrase, “Can’t see the wood for the trees”, comes from. That night is just a wee bit sketchy for me. Anyone know, did I have fun?

The reluctant birthday for a day king! Thanks to my road family for the best 68th birthday ever. Love you all!

My favourite film is, “Being There” and of course this wonderful character!!! #petersellers

My entire crew met me as I arrived at venue with the, “T -shirt of the tour!” Every Pete or Peter they could think of still with the, “Pete Townsend Comes Alive”, theme. I cried with laughter. My crew are THE best there is!!! Thank you all so much.

I knew they were gonna get me! My band were waiting behind the bus. It’s my bday the 22nd but we celebrated tonight. I’ll get ‘em I tell ya!! Best band in the land.

Loving Calgary, AB and I realised what I always to do is look after YOUR plants. I’ll sing and play for them. Or not if they start to wilt.

“You’re there! There you are!” Always a bit of a shock when I realise I’m not as tall as I used to be. What’s with that anyway? @AustinShagedMe

Shorter set with @stevemillerband.official but my band kill!!! “Friends, Canadians, Countrymen, mustn’t forget my ears!”

My dressing room nessa stuff. It is nessa.

Mighty Meaty Matey ! 1962 Gibson SG. She is one aggressive baby!

Do NOT be fooled by this ugly monkey who is adding a ”_” after mrpeterframpton. He is contacting women saying he is me. Unfortunately, the internet is full of these arseholes! I’m so sorry if you have been bothered by him. He will be removed asap.

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