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Orlando Soria  I'm a human man who lives inside your phone and speaks to you directly. All I like talking about is guys, shopping and the mall. Check my blog:


One of my favorite @em_henderson projects is the house she designed for @curbly a few years back. Fun fact: I helped out on that project while I was still working for her! Today, this pretty living room is providing inspo for my parents' upcoming living room makeover. With some help from @interiordefine and @hedgehousefurniture I'm taking their living room from HANDMEDOWNZ to HANDMEAMILLIONDOLLARZ in less than thirty seconds. Head over to Emily's blog today to see what I have planned. #orMOMdo #orlanDAD #hommemakerdesign photo @melissaoholendt

IT'S A COZY AND MYSTERIOUS DAY IN LOS ANGELES. All I wanna do is snuggle in this bed in my guest bedroom, stare at the ceiling, and think about my feelings (and yours). This room was a combo of bargain items like this @ikeausa bed and luxe accents like the @loomdecor custom linen roman shade. YOU GUYS YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN MIX HIGH AND LOW OK? Tap for sources K? Bye. #chateaulando


Stopped in and said hello to @swabyjustin yesterday at one of his glamorous job sites, this beautiful home in Los Feliz owned by a gorgeous Hollywood couple. We were working on that TOP SECRET project I've been blabbing about and I kept getting distracted by this cute dog and his dog BFF who were very excited to see us and waggling all over the place. May your weekend be as exciting for you as meeting me was for this dog and may your fiddle leaf fig be as happy as this one. OKAY BYE.

I hate the Westside because coming here is basically as harrowing as traveling to a foreign country, but for some reason I'm over here for the second time in one week (for an install/consult at a client's house) and it has me thinking about this perfect minimal shelving moment created by @analogmodern at the beautiful and serene @miansai store. Oh that I were in that store right now, mellowing out and staring at pretty, perfectly styled shelves. INSTEAD I'M HEADED FROM THE WESTSIDE ALL THE WAY TO THE EASTSIDE TO SHOOT MORE FOOTAGE FOR THAT TOP-SECRET PROJECT I JUST WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT. #victim

YOU GUYS IT'S ME I'M STILL HERE INSIDE YOUR PHONE! As part of my partnership with the @AmericanExpress Blue Cash Everyday Card, I've had the fun opportunity to add epic elements to everyday situations. So I came up with an ingenious, fun, and easy way to make a place card/takeaway gift for your next dinner party that will fill everyone who wasn't invited to your dinner party with jealousy, rage, and bitterness. Basically it involves making your own candle (which is shockingly easy and entertaining) and adding a personal touch to blow your guests' minds. Read all about it at the link-in-profile! #AmexAmbassador #BlueCashEveryday #ad

Remember when I designed @kellyoxford's house??? WELL GET EXCITED BECAUSE TODAY I'M HEADED TO HER (NEW) HOUSE TO SHOOT SOMETHING SUPER TOP-SECRET AND EXCITING. I do miss this luminous living room tho. Luckily those amazing @egragg paintings made it to Kelly's new place and are gonna live in her glamorous new wood paneled dining room. GET EXCITED YOU GUYS IT'S WEDNESDAY AND LITERALLY ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. #apianocouldfallonmyhead #orananvil #literallyanything ...photo @homepolish x @tessaneustadt

Just a little sneak peak of the makeover I'm working on up at my parents' house. My mom spent a portion of her childhood in Japan and inherited an amazing collection of vintage Japanese art and objects. I grew up with a love for the art and design of that amazing country and it still ranks up there as one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. In choosing pieces for the room I looked for things that were elegant and simple, in addition to being well-matched for the room's art collection. These side tables from freshly-launched @perigold offered the perfect balance of traditional and modern and helped transform the space into a cozy and inviting place for VIP guests (ie me) to stay. All I had to do was waggle my fingers all over the keyboard to order them then wait for the white glove delivery to drop them off so my eyeballs could explode in excitement at their beauty. Ok bye! #ilivewithmyparents #houseofsoria #liveinperigold #hommemadedesign #ad

Spent Sunday waddling around Abbot Kinney in Venice. Walked into a crystal shop and ran out because everyone inside was wearing a witch costume or a kilt and they all gave me such intense glares that I could tell they were reading my mind without my consent. Then I wandered by a clothing shop where they were having a sample sale and everyone inside was rioting and throwing clothes all over the floor in order to find the best deal and I screamed audibly because I was so distressed by their lack of decorum. Finally, we found our way to the lovely and serene @miansai store, which has its own coffee shop and outdoor area. If you find yourself in Venice overwhelmed by the fact that Abbot Kinney has become an 80z shopping mall, run into this store and look around, the minimalist decor will soothe you. #ipaidforthis #nonspon #victim

DO YOU FEEL STRESSED AND OVERWHELMED AND LIKE YOU'RE STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF A CIRCLE OF TEENAGERS AND THEY'RE ALL THROWING DODGEBALLS AT YOU AND YOU'RE NOT SURE WHICH ONES TO CATCH AND WHICH TO JUST LET HIT YOU IN THE FACE, POTENTIALLY KNOCKING YOUR TEETH OUT AND DISFIGURING YOUR FACE? Me too! Over the course of the past months I've written a book and started a company. And it hasn't been all #blessed #butfirstcovfefe #girlboss TBH. It's been extremely stressful and scary and hard. The financial ups and downs of freelancing are terrifying and it's often really difficult to figure out where to concentrate your efforts, there are constantly more people tugging at you than you have time for, and so you're constantly feeling guilty about neglecting people. I didn't just come into your phone to whine to you, I'm just saying this because I see a lot of my entrepreneurial peers presenting only the upsides of their business endeavors. I don't think that's the whole picture. I am insanely lucky to have the type of opportunities that come to me, but I don't want to present the idea that running your own thing is all #squadgoals and #roséallday when it's really more like WHAT AM I DOING IS THIS RIGHT WHO CAN I ASK??? So if you're worried you're not doing the right thing or freaking out you made a bad decision, calm down you're fine. Or, if it soothes you, just imagine me here inside your phone FLIPPING OUT because I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. Oh also I went to the beach yesterday and even found a way to be stressed out there so clearly I'm doing great. Okay bye. #cathy #aack #poorlando

Just had a TOP SECRET meeting with Hollywood and the view was insane and gave me vertigo now headed to check in a client install for a photo shoot tomorrow WHAT IS HAPPENING YOU GUYS THIS WEEK IS OUT OF CONTROL WHY CAN'T IT BE SATURDAY. #victim #orlandywood #secrettvproject

YOU GUYS REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME I DESIGNED THIS BABYNURSERY AND PUT THIS GUITARMAN STICKER ON THE DOOR??? (Decal: @whatisblik Furniture: @babyletto Art: @minted Accessories: @hdbuttercup). Okay bye. {See full makeover video from my @parachutehome webseries at the link in profile}. Okay srlsy bye. #imahumanman #iliveinsideyourphone #andispeaktoyoudirectly

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