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Orlando Soria  All I like talking about is guys, shopping and the mall. Currently waddling around California.

Having the kind of day where I wanna hide in a sensory depravation chamber. Or at least this bedroom with its fun shelf styling and cute rat-toy-accessory. Also I injured my neck and it hurts so much I think my head might pop off soon and roll into the street, terrifying passersby. PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE LESS OF A MESS THAN ME THIS WEEK. #victim #headlesshorseman #help

Another amazing sculpture by @diegocabezas00 (check out my interview with him today on Hommemaker, link in profile). If you'd like to support this guy's amazing work, buy something! Contact to see what's avail. Okay this shameless art plug is over. #nonspon #ipaidforthis #hommemakerartists

Today on Hommemaker, exploring the incredible work of @diegocabezas00 and asking him lots of annoying questions. When I saw his work the first time I was immediately outraged I hadn't found out about it sooner. Don't make the same mistake I did! Check link-in-prof to see more of his disturbingly amazing sculptural works, which look like line drawings come to life. #hommemaker #hommemakerartists #barcelonaart {If you want to purchase work by Diego contact}

ONE TIME I PAINTED A PINK TRIANGLE ON MY FIREPLACE. #actup #americanheroes #chateaulando

You guys. As you know, I'm constantly waddling around shopping as part of my job. And I LOVE using my glamorous Blue Cash Everyday Card to rack up dollars while I buy stuff (it gives you cash back on stuff you buy every day, including 3% at US supermarkets, 2% on gas and department stores, and 1% on nearly everything else). I'm PSYCHED to announce once again that I'm signing on as an @AmericanExpress #AmexAmbassador!! I'll be using my #BlueCashEveryday Card to unlock some #EpicEveryday experiences in the coming months and sharing it all right here, on my Insta Stories, and on Hommemaker. Plz stay tuned! #ad

ONE TIME I WENT TO ITALY TO FIND A STOVE FOR MY MOM. Read all about it today on Hommemaker. I'm giving all the detes of my quick trip to Italy. I got to see my mom's new @bertazzoniitalia range being made, I got to see Parmesan cheese being made, I got to see balsamic vinegar being made. If you love seeing things being made, you need to go to Italy and do what I did. #eurolando #ormomdokitchen #hommemadekitchens {link-in-profile}

Saturdays are a great time to get thinking about your next mega makeover. For example, one time I found a crazy loveseat at the flea market and had it reupholstered to be modern and glamorous. AND SO CAN YOU! Scroll through the images to see how scary it looked before. Ok bye. #orcondo #rip #fleamarketfinds

I was just minding my own business, waddling around shopping when I ran into my favorite homie @em_henderson. Naturally, we both lost our minds with excitement and decided to pose for this totally natural not-at-all-staged @hgtv class reunion pic. I got my start on Emily's show "Secrets From A Stylist" years ago and we've been Gay Married ever since. WE SHOULD DO ANOTHER SHOW RIGHT? OR LIKE A PODCAST OR SOMETHING? Plz raise your hand if you'd watch/listen/ogle. Okay bye. #secretfromastylist #hgtv #thoughtz2ponder

I ONLY LIKE CIRCLES AND TRIANGLES GOODBYE ALL OTHER SHAPES. #chateaulando #artbyorlando #actup {Sources tagged}

Shooting at the home of the witty and mysterious @amandaccrew and we just got into a major fight about who loves this table from @laxseries more. I won, because I had it in my old apartment so Amanda went outside to sulk and yell at the hot hot sun. Chairs are from @allmodern and the incredible art is from @minted. Ok bye. #behindthescenes #photoshoot #drama

EXCUSE ME MA'AM PLZ STEP INTO MY OFFICE. [walls: North Shore Green by @benjaminmoore lighting: @parkstudio_la table: @allmodern rug: @rugs_usa roman shade: @loomdecor vase: @crateandbarrel chairs: vintage]. #chateaulando #hommealone #sources

Back in LA and I'm so not used to being here that I don't know what to do with myself. My to do list is about ten thousand items long and I'm so overwhelmed that I'm not sure what to do first. FINAL REVISIONS OF MY BOOK ARE DUE THIS WEEK AND THEN MY WORDS ARE SET IN STONE AND THAT'S FREAKING ME OUT WHAT IF I SAY SOMETHING DUMB??? Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm having a panic I attack so I'm gonna go workout and see if it goes away. Thankful I work for myself so I can do that. OK BYE PEACE TO U IF UR HAVING A CRAZY FEVER DREAM MONDAY LIKE MINNNNE. Okay bye. #getittogetherbook #chateaulando #hommealone

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