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Orlando Soria  All I like talking about is guys, shopping and the mall. Currently waddling around California.


You guys, Monday is dumb and I'm over it. I've been psychotically productive today but it's like 5 PM and I'm just now basically getting to what I was supposed to be doing (reviewing the last two sections of my book so I can submit them to my editor). I spent the morning yelling at my assistant (JK we're in love and speak only in whispers tbh) about all our projects, picking out lamps 'n' stuff. By the time I've done that, answered emailz, take all my dumb vitamins and eaten something it's like 3 PM. WHY IS LIFE LIKE A GIANT HAMSTER WHEEL??? Anyway, something amazing happened on my Insta stories today and you all need to know about it. I created an incredible, Tony-worthy musical called "JEANZ 4 TEENZ" and you need to watch it before it goes away. Okay, now I'm gonna get to work. At 5 PM. #victim #orcondo #rip {photo @tessaneustadt x @homepolish}

It's National Pink Day or whatever which made me think of this building which made me think of Nice which made me think of France which made me think of vacay which made me remember I'm taking literally zero fun summer vacations which made me sad but then I was like WHO NEEDS A VACAY WHEN YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA??? JK everything is terrible. JK everything is great I just got off the phone with my book's designer and it's going to be sooooooo beautiful. WHO KNEW NATIONAL PINK DAY WOULD BE SUCH AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER??? Okay bye. #victim #eurolando #nationalpinkday

I thought this @laxseries table and these @allmodern chairs were such a cute couple that I'm doing this exact same combo for my client/homie/hero/ice queen @amandaccrew in her new cute Silver Lake home. SOMETIMES WHEN SOMETHING WORKS, IT WORKS! Also FYI I'm doing a new crazy diet where I only get to eat for 8 hours a day and I've basically done the worst job meal prepping ever so I'm literally starving also I gave up alcohol and everything is boring - !!!BUT!!! - exciting news my book has a title "Get It Together" which I think is so funny and fun. I'm almost done writing it and it's so funny and pretty (like you) and I can't wait for it to come out. I have the most talented book designer on earth @amyslysly and the layouts she's creating are AMAZING. ALSO I MISS THIS DINING ROOM OK BYE. #orcondo #rip #hommemakerbook #getittogetherbook #mydaughteramanda photo @tessaneustadt x @homepolish

SUMMER VIBEZ WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (paintings by @egragg fun spikey pot by @benmedansky). Photo @seanginphotography x @homepolish #selmaheights #hommemakerdesign

I have DIY on the brain. I've been sitting in front of a computer for so long, my lil hands are just aching to make something. Daydreaming about that one time I took my dining room from NASTY to RHINOPLASTY by painting a Big Ass Circle on the wall. It's that easy! Ok bye. Photo @seanginphotography x @homepolish #selmaheights #hommemakerdesign #hommemakerDIY

One of my favorite Stupid Designer Tricks is adding structure/drama to a space with thick painted borders. This is an especially fun trick to try if you don't have crown moulding because it adds a sense of formality to a space AND gives the wall color a natural place to stop if you're painting the ceiling a different color (which I love to do). I did this in my old apartment and never once regretted it. PLEASE TRY IT TODAY! Photo @seanginphotography #stupiddesignertricks #benjaminmoore #selmaheights

TO MY DAD THE INVENTOR OF SHORT SHORTS. Thank you for always having more confidence in my intellect and abilities than I did. For teaching me the way to get better at something is to surround yourself with people who are the best. For showing by example that contributing to your community is more important than making tons of money, to do the right thing even if no one will ever find out. And thanks for that one time you took me on a Father-Son trip to Disney World just so we could have some one on one time. And for taking winter Wednesdays off to be my ski instructor for our weekly Yosemite School Ski Day (my dad is a sick Telemark skier tbh). I know what a privilege it is to have such an involved father. Shout out to all the dads so present in their kids lives, and to those who fill in for dads who aren't, single moms, double moms, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers, anyone who gives their time to enriching kids' lives. WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU. #orlanDAD

TODAY FEELS LIKE A GREAT DAY FOR UNSOLICITED ADVICE. So here are five tips for designing a cheap 'n' chic bedroom without even trying: 1) Paint walls 'Sleigh Bells' by @benjaminmoore 2) Get a simple platform bed (this one is from @westelm), 3) Troll Craigslist for vintage art, 4) Buy a bargain rug from @ikeausa, 5) Look for simple white bedding, accent with a throw. YOU'RE DONE TA-DA!!! It's a hot day in California, but with a bedroom like this you'll be endlessly cool. Just kidding you'll still be hot. This apartment totally didn't have AC and I used to boil like a lobster screaming in a pot every time the temp went above 90. Ok bye. #selmaheights #hommemakerdesign #tipsntricks photo @zekeruelas

Being back in LA was surreal and painful. I didn't realize until I got back how raw I still really felt about everything that's happened this year, mostly the ending of my relationship. I was staying with a friend near my old neighborhood, going to places I was only really used to going while I was in that relationship and my life was totally different than it is now. It all felt sad, and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of loss, a lack of hope about the future. My aunt shared a quote with me recently that made me understand my outlook a bit better: "People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, the prefer suffering that is familiar."* I guess I am that. I love the familiar, which is why I cling to my relationships as if my life depends on them. My entire life is in flux right now and I'm confident I'll land on my feet as I always have. But the trip through is feeling pretty painful. I'm back in Northern California back at work on my book today, giving my best effort to letting go of the ghosts my LA trip brought back to mind. Strength and love to you in letting go of any suffering you might be working to say goodbye to. (*Thich Nhat Hahn).

Back in LA for a week of meetings has me wandering around my old neighborhood thinking about #beforetimez ... RIP #Orcondo u were loved tbh. #victim #memries #hommemakerdesign

My mega-warm master bedroom got even warmer when I added this glamorous gold Japanese screen I found at the flea market. KINDA WISH I WAS HOME SO I COULD HIDE IN THIS COCOON BEDROOM ALL DAY, making myself into a human burrito using these @cultiver_goods bed linens as a tortilla, peeking out from time to time to ogle this @designwithinreach x @eggcollective dresser. Ok bye. Photo @zekeruelas *sources tagged. #chateaulando #bedroomdecor #pinkbedroom

I AM A FULLY-GROWN ADULT HUMAN MALE AND THIS IS MY BEDROOM. The tumult of the last six months empowered me to lose my design inhibitions and paint my bedroom pink, which I recommend to literally anyone with eyeballs. It's the warmest, best color. The bedding is luscious linen from @cultiver_goods and the masc4masc Roman shades are from @loomdecor (other sources tagged bb). You can see more of this room on @em_henderson blog today. Tap on over and check it out! #chateaulando #bedroomdecor #pinkbedroom photo: @zekeruelas

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