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Orlando Soria  All I like talking about is guys, shopping and the mall.

AS THIS SUNDAY DWINDLEZ LET ME TAKE A MOME TO BLAB ABOUT THINGZ I'M THANKFUL FOR: 1) This @parkstudio_la light fixture 2) This Anna Ullman @aeustudio Glamourart 3) This amazing fish pitcher/vase my infant friends @jefferyself and @augustusprew bought for me after my other babyfriend @jimdhansen tricked them into thinking it was my birthday last week and threw a full-on actual birthday party for me (I'm serious, there was a birthday banner and a "#victim" cake and everything, it was truly the best night of my life. My real bday is July 5 btw). In other news, I was just telling someone how hard I am to buy for so I was really impressed with this cute little fishy. Like first, Jeffery and Augie are such small babies, I have no idea how they even got out of their cribs to get to the store to buy this. Second, I'm really picky and hard to buy for. Third, they're literally such tiny babies, how'd they even earn money? If you haven't figured it out yet, my friends and I creepily refer to each other as babies. I don't know where this came from but it's terrifying and part of our collective reality. Anyway, now I'm headed to a baby shower for an ACTUAL actual baby (congrats @rachelshukert!). So today is really all about babies. Bye BBs! #babies #๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป #fakebirthday #chateaulando #babysunday #babygaga

I have made zero progress on my #summerbod because I've been stuck inside styling photoshoots for my book (which is gonna be hilarious if the stupid-dumb pics we're taking are an indication of, like, anything). BUT DON'T ALLOW MY BURGERBODY TO GET U DOWN! I've actually made progress in so many other areas: 1) These paintings (they're not done yet, I have to add the giant circle to the middle but I'm loving them so far. Special thanks to my homie @swabyjustin for making the triangle stretchers for me). 2) I found a place to display my Isabella Rossellini @interviewmag from 1988 - I love these vintage Interviews so much, the covers are all gorgeous hand-painted works of art. 3) Ceramic Horse Flute Sculpture Thing found a place to graze on my GIANT CHEESE WEDGE coffee table - a Craigslist find. 4) @traderjoes has the best, most fragrant freesia right now and I've been going over to it every six minutes to nuzzle my nose against it and whisper things about how much I love spring. 5) I hid my remote controls so I wouldn't have to look at them - YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHERE. 6) ONLY ONE MORE WEEK OF SHOOTING #hommemakerbook AND I COULD NOT BE MORE READY TO BE DONE. These shoots have been fun and exhausting and I'm ready to get to writing. It's basically been like finals week for the last few months, roughly 50 photoshoots in 60 days. In conclusion, I may be a puff pastry with arms right now but I arranged my living room, so that's something I guess. AIGHT BYE HAVE A GOOD SUNDAY, GO SIT IN A ROCKING CHAIR ON A PORCH SOMEWHERE, DRINK LEMONADE, AND YELL AT NEIGHBORCHILDREN WHO WALK PAST IF THEY ARE TOO LOUD OR DOING ANYTHING YOU DISAPPROVE OF. #chateaulando #victim #hommemakerbook

Those of you who know me know I was raised inside Yosemite National Park, in a house literally under a giant waterfall (look it up, IT'S TRUE). Many things came of this strange upbringing. First and most important, awkward family photos like this one (my Hommemaker Book photog @zekeruelas keeps telling me my fam reminds him of the @thisisus.nbc family, and I sort of agree, mostly because of my dad's enormous mustache). Today is Earth Day. And if you didn't gain an appreciation for Mother Earth by randomly growing up in a national park, let me be your weirdo forest boy friend who peeps into your window to remind you that our world is precious, SCIENCE AND FACTS MATTER, and it's a good thing to be conscientious about how, what, and when we consume. BECAUSE IF WE DON'T ALL DO OUR PARTS WE'LL SOON BE BURNING SKELETONS CLINGING TO CHAIN-LINK FENCES SCREAMING IN AGONY. K? @yosemitenps #hommetown #earthday2017

WAKEY WAKEY EGGZ N BAKEY!!! Alas, there's literally no bacon up in here so I'm gonna have to feast on something else. Perhaps I'll allow my hungry eyes to nosh on these gorgeous @aeustudio monoprints or this delectable light fixture from @parkstudio_la? Lots I wanna chomp on today! 2 Qs: 1) HOW DID U SLEEP? ๐Ÿ˜ณ 2) IT'S SUMMER IN LA WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH YOUR HOT DAY? #okbye #chateaulando #morningtimez

Having trippy midday fever dreams about that one time I shot at my clients' insanely glamorous Spanish Revival a few weeks ago. It's the kind of house that fills you with jealous rage then soothes you with its tender beauty... BUT THEN THE RAGE TAKES OVER AGAIN ๐Ÿ˜ณ. #victim #hommemakerdesign #hommemakerbook

Shooting more interiors for Hommemaker Book and @zekeruelas and I are starting to get a little delirious after a few months without a day off (except those days I wandered through a field in Italy). WHAT DAY IS IT WHAT TIME IS IT LITERALLY WHERE AM I. #hommemakerbook #whoami #whatami #sendhelp

REMEMBER LAST WEEK WHEN I WAS CHILLEN WITH @bertazzoniitalia IN ITALY??? It feels like a distant mem'ry, like it was yearz and yearz ago when I was young, tender-hearted, and filled with hope. Now I'm a haggard old hobo working on #HommemakerBook shoots literally every single day until May and every morning I wake up screaming "ITALIA!!!" at the ceiling, wishing I were anywhere but here. THIS CONCLUDES MY DAILY PUBLIC WHINING SESH. Ok bye. #eurolando #thebertazzoniexperience #italiando

The theme of Chateualando is ๐Ÿ”บ๐Ÿ”บ๐Ÿ”บ so when I waddled into the streets, desperately looking for a spice rack, I knew she had to be a triangle. Now, every morning when I wake up to make my coffee (in my ridiculously precious pour-over coffee maker), Triangle Spice Rack reminds me that she is HIP, WITH-IT, and READY 2 PARTY. Happy humpday from my ๐Ÿ”บ to yours! {Sources tagged}. #chateaulando

People tend to underestimate the importance of knobs. They are often the first place your eye goes in a kitchen. They are the only thing you touch. That's why these exquisite golden cabinet pulls from @parkstudio_la delight me to no end. See also: the graphic, architectural knobs on my @bertazzoniitalia range. This company did something revolutionary when it went against the grain and created pretty, articulate range dials when all the other brands were building giant cartoon-clunky ones. ANYWAY SORRY I JUST BARGED INTO YOUR LIFE TO SCREAM AT U ABOUT KNOBS FOREVER AND EVER. #albertnobbs #chateaulando #parkstudio #bertazzoni ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ“ธ @zekeruelas PS: I HID MY EXTRACTOR INSIDE A CABINET ABOVE THE RANGE AND IT'S THE BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE OK BYE.

My kitchen was being all mellow, with subtle grey lower/white upper cabinets from @semihandmade. BUT THEN THIS BLUE STRIPED ROMAN SHADE/BOSSLADY FROM @loomdecor WALKED IN AND WAS LIKE "ALL EYEZ ON ME, LOSERZ." #truestory #chateaulando #loomdecor {Photo @zekeruelas}

HARK! MY KITCHEN IS FINALLY DONE! This kitchen makeover has been maybe the dumbest, most money-wastingest project I've ever undertaken, but there were some heroes along the way that made it WAY BETTER. Most notably @semihandmade, who created the gorgeous and uber-efficient cabinetry. Now I finally have a place to store my giant collection of white dishes as well as a sink to wash them in (no more bathing my plates in the bathtub). To celebrate the debut of my new kitchen, I'm taking over @em_henderson's blog today to chat budget AND posting all the resource details on Hommemaker. CHECK THEM OUT! #hommemaker #chateaulando #emilyhenderson Photo @zekeruelas ๐Ÿ’ช

My trip to Italy was a huge treat. I've gotten to do a fair amount of travel in my life and I always consider it a privilege to be able to see new places and cultures. This trip was #spon by @bertazzoniitalia and I went into it a little skeptical. Was I going on a sales trip? Was I gonna feel like a tool on a sponsored vacay? I was pleasantly surprised by how genuine and informative the whole experience was. I've been a fan of the design of Bertazzoni appliances but didn't know much about them before this trip. Here are a few things I learned: 1) Bertazzoni appliances are not only designed in Italy, they're also made there. This might not seem like such a big deal, but take a look at the tag on that Italian designer clothing you have, none of it is made in Italy. Seeing the factory where these appliances were made was FASCINATING (I love factories and assembly lines) and made me feel good about the fact that I have one of these ranges in my kitchen. It's a bright, happy work environment and the workers seemed into it (also, they're all Italian hipsters wearing cute outfits). 2) The company is still run by the family. I met them and they couldn't have been more sweet and welcoming. Valentina Bertazzoni (the 6th generation to operate the company) met up with us for drinks (aperol spritz and vino rosso) the first night we were there and told us all about her experience growing up in the design-focused Bertazzoni family. 3) The focus of the company is creating beautiful objects to enhance daily life and bring people together. As someone going into running my own small business, it was interesting to see how this company formed and what their values are. They've clearly prioritized keeping their business in the family (and have rejected buy out offers) but they're also strategic about marketing and branding (their logo was redesigned by Pentagram, basically the most important branding agency on earth). Anyway, the trip was a fascinating learning experience that left me feeling excited about Italian design and thankful that family-run companies like Bertazzoni still exist. #TheBertazzoniExperience #eurolando #italiando #italiandesign

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