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Orlando Soria  I'm a human man who lives inside your phone and speaks to you directly. All I like talking about is guys, shopping and the mall. Buy my book below!

I woke up at 4 AM spazzing out about the fact that my book comes out in less than a month and I have so much to do still. So I woke up and built a website where you can buy the book VERY EASILY using just your human fingers and eyeballs (and most major credit cards). Basically, I did this so that it would be easy for people to share the URL of where to buy it. It’s the same as the hashtag #getittogetherorlando and I hope each and every one of you run all over screaming GETITTOGETHERORLANDO.COM at literally every single person you see every single day. As you may or may not know, books aren’t hugely profitable (unless you’re a mega celebrity). They’re more of a fun stepping stone, a professional accomplishment. A very expensive and time-consuming business card. So the goal here it to reach as many people as possible. The more books that sell the first week (pre-orders count toward this number) the more likely it is that more book stores will pick it up AND the more likely the book is to become a New York Times bestseller. So I feel better now that I woke up and built a book site. The above image is from a chapter on how to create the gallery wall of your dreams. If you don’t buy my book, you’ll never have the gallery wall of your dreams. DON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF THE THINGS YOU DESERVE. Like my book. Okay bye. Photo @zekeruelas for @prestel_usa #getittogetherorlando getittogetherorlando.com #drama

THERE’S A STAMPEDE OUTSIDE MY DOOR BC THE LA MARATHON IS ZIPPING CLOSE TO CHATEAULANDO. So I’m stuck inside drinking covfefe and watching old @nbcsnl “The Californians” skits. This pic of Orcondo is part of a chapter from “Get It Together!” (Buy at the link-in-profile) about contemporary design. It’s kinda crazy that the book took so long to write/shoot/edit/design that my life completely changed during the process, from being in a steady relationship with a full-time job to being single running my own thing FREAKING OUT DAILY. It’s cool, but also kind of hard to look at some of the chapters for obvious reasons (i.e. having to look back on a past life, past relationship, etc). An interesting fact about me is that sometimes I share things so personal that even I have a hard time reading them. I realized this recently when someone brought up a post I’d done on New Year’s Day and I’d completely blocked it out. I genuinely believe that the personal sinkhole from which I wrote the book makes it really good. I don’t think I could write that now. It’s funny, and raw, real, and relatable. And bonus: my editor Holly made me include actual design tips (even though I just wanted to make you laugh) so it’s strangely informative. In conclusion, I apologize for bringing you into this caption then making you listen to me brag about my book. ANYWAY PLEASE BUY IT AND HELP ME MAKE LEMONADE FROM LEMONS, K? The end. Photo by @zekeruelas courtesy @prestel_usa #getittogetherorlando #orcondo #rip

Marching into the weekend got me like. JK NO IT DOESN’T. I’ve been in an inexplicably bad mood all week. I think freelance life is getting to me. When you work for months without getting paid. When you work endlessly on things that may or may not actually come to fruition, when those projects are dependent on someone else saying yes or no, when everything is dependent on your own self-confidence and optimism, when you’re working in a bubble by yourself, it can be depleting. I’m not unique in this, I know you’re probably struggling with similar things. I guess I’m just kinda feeling like HEY THIS ISN’T LIFE. Life shouldn’t be just running in a hamster wheel toward your goals and never getting there. And don’t even get me started on how frustrated I am with dating (THANKS FOR SWIPING RIGHT THEN GHOSTING ME FOREVER LITERALLY EVERYONE). There are weeks when I feel like giving up and this is definitely one of them. I’m not trying to wallow, I’m trying to figure a way out/up. I have a few months of work and marketing my book, but after that I need a change. Trying to figure out exactly what that change is. Maybe it’s a temporary move, maybe it’s a career change/bolt. Have you had moments in your life like this? What did you do? TELL ME EVERYTHING. Photo @zekeruelas for @mrturk #victim

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE BEGINNING OF THE LAST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE! Carpe diem, Ma’ams! The other day I stopped by @jengotch’s house for an evening of merrymaking, whining, and career strategizing. Sometimes I forget that Jen is a career mogul businesslady. Speaking of business ladies, today I’ll be visiting the @shopbando offices to talk about a TOP SECRET POTENTIAL COLLAB that will leave all of you speechless and, potentially, a little concerned. STAY TUNED AND BE AFRAID. Photo by @carleyscamera + @parachutehome #jenxorlando #myparachutehome #businessladies

IT’S WEDNESDAY AND THIS WEEK IS TAKING FOREVER PLEASE ENJOY THIS AFTER/BEFORE MAKEOVER MOMENT IN MY KITCHEN. Sometimes I forget how nasty it was in here before I partnered with @semihandmade to make the kitchen useable again. One of the main things I did is choose appliances and fixtures that were the correct scale for the space. Previously, there was a huge refrigerator and a large sink in a kitchen too small to accommodate more than one fully-grown human person. In choosing appropriately scaled items I was able to increase the functionality and storage of this kitchen. See? This is why you need to hire me to design your house. JUST KIDDING I’M NOT TAKING ON CLIENTS RIGHT NOW YOU’RE SCREWED. Okay bye. 💪💋📸 @zekeruelas #victim #beforeandafter #chateaulando

It’s going to take me a while to get used to daylight saving time. First of all, why does it seem like there should be another “s” in there (daylight savingS time)? Second, why does a one hour time difference make me feel like I’m waking up in the middle of the night, a thirsty, exhausted skeleton reaching for a glass of water, my eyes burning with fear as the ceiling light sears my tender eyeballs with its harsh glow? Finally, I was tired then I drank lots of covfefe from my #spon @schoolhouse Chemex and now I feel like my heart is going to explode. Okay bye. Photo @zekeruelas #victim #chateaulando #daylightsaving

WE ARE JUST ONE MONTH AWAY FROM THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK RELEASE IN HISTORY. Scroll through this creepy carousel of drama to see luscious preview pics of what lies in store for all of us. It’s a mix of top-notch design advice, DIY projects that will make your eyeballs explode, and life advice from someone who basically doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I really like this book and laugh at it every time I open it. The beautiful photographs by @zekeruelas are complemented perfectly by the stunning graphic design and book layout created by @amyslysly. A lot of people don’t understand how fully a book is impacted by its designer, and Amy did an amazing job. Basically, a book designer receives a bunch of random word docs, images, and in my case hand-drawn doodles and has to somehow figure out a logical narrative order for them AND A WAY TO MAKE IT ALL LOOK GOOD. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the system of logic Amy created to make all my crazy thoughts, personal stories, and design tips into a cohesive, gorgeous book. And it goes without saying that Zeke’s photos are like candy you can eat with your hungry hungry retinas. Finally, because my life was a mess when I wrote it (I’d just been dumped and laid off) this book is so vulnerable and funny and if you don’t relate to it you might be dead and just not know it yet. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS BUY THE BOOK!!! {link-in-profile} OH PS I NEED TO CHOOSE A HASHTAG DO YOU LIKE #getittogetherorlando OR #orlandobook BETTER??? Okay bye.

I decided it was time to stop sharing interiors images of beautiful plants that hate living inside. I feel like a lot of people are frustrated by all the pretty images they see of beautiful plants inside only to find out those plants actually die if you bring them indoors. So I decided to do a whole series about beautiful plants that love living in shady conditions. I did some research, went to the nursery, and asked a ton of questions about which plants thrived best indoors. Then I styled a series of beautiful photos (professionally shot by genius @zekeruelas). This plant (called “Selaginella” or “Spike Moss”) was my favorite of all the plants I found. It’s soft, luscious, and the prettiest color of green. I was really excited to share this unique, incredible option for an exquisite indoor plant. AND THEN THE PLANT DIED BECAUSE IT HATES BEING INSIDE AND THE INTERNET AND NURSERY LIED TO ME. HAPPY FRIDAY THE END. #victim #chateaulando #lifeismeaningless

Alright you guys, TODAY IS THE DAY WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. This evening I’m doing a super fun event with @mrturk + @trinaturk at their shop on Larchmont here in LA. I’ll be chatting about their new collections and how they ✨magically✨ relate to the vibrant colors and themes shown in my upcoming book, “Get It Together!” (Buy it at the link-in-profile!). There’s gonna be fashion. There’s gonna be bites. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THERE’S GONNA BE 🌜!!!SIPZ!!!🌛. I’ve put together some of my favorite looks from this season and you can come and ogle them (along with my book), chat with me irl, and stare directly into my human eyeballs. RSVP to losangeles@trinaturk.com to save your spot (or whatever just come, it’s not like they’re going to tell you to leave). COME! 212 North Larchmont, Los Angeles - 6:30-8:30 PM. Tonight! Okay bye. #ad #mrturk #trinaturk photo @zekeruelas

Some people think orchids are gross and tacky. But I’m into them. They remind me of 80s decadence, delicious sushi, fast cars, pretty women with huge hair, and those glass bricks that can either look really officey and awful or really glamourous and Miami. IN OTHER NEWS DON’T ASK ME WHERE THE POT IS FROM IT’S FROM @cb2 BUT THEY DISCONTINUED IT AND I’M STILL MAD ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT’S ONE OF MY MOST ASKED ABOUT ACCESSORIES. Ok gonna take my rage elsewhere chat later bye. Photo by my own precious flower @zekeruelas #chateaulando

EXCUSE ME MA’AM WHILE I LITERALLY JUMP FOR JOY. I’m a longtime stan of @mrturk + @trinaturk and I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce I’m doing a fun event with them on Thursday, March 8 [212 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, 6:30-8:30 PM]. We’ll be enjoying snacks ‘n’ *SIPS!* while chatting about design and fashion, exploring my favorite pieces from the new collection, and giving a TOP SECRET SUPER EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of my upcoming book, “Get It Together!” RSVP to losangeles@trinaturk.com to join. IT’S GOING TO BE THE FUNNEST EVENT OF THE YEAR OR PERHAPS EVEN YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. Okay bye. Photo by @zekeruelas #ad #mrturk #trinaturk

YOU GUYS THE WEEKEND WAS FILLED WITH WORK AND WONDER. I had a top secret modeling shoot with @zekeruelas for @mrturk on Saturday and went to the loudest, funniest Oscar party in history on Sunday (Thank you for hosting @jtfirstman + @gcharlesrogers and also for your important work as the smarmiest couple in Instagram history. I love you). The show was kinda boring but I did love the #TimesUp montage and the part where Frances McDormand had all the women stand up. Okay maybe I change my mind and it was a cool night. It was the best night. IT WAS MY FAVORITE THING THAT EVER HAPPENED. P.S. here’s a totally unrelated pic of my dining table where I’m currently sitting in pajamas FREAKING OUT ABOUT HOW OVERWHELMED BY LIFE I FEEL RIGHT NOW. Okay bye. Photo by @zekeruelas #chateaulando #drama #monday #cathy #aack

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