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Michael Romeo  I only take pictures if I think it deserves one. Just an average live your life guy here, who likes a lot of music, pets, and nature. Live all you can

Three different regions across America. Two weeks. One unbelievable adventure.
Forever chasing passion and music.

People underestimate the power of beauty, love, and present moments. I want you all to understand the burden of being comfortable. Never settle, never stop exploring. Do not let anyone ever tell you what you can and cannot do. Because just when you start slowing down, is when your life is over. People will always disappoint you. Just laugh and walk towards paradise because everyone deserves their own. Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough, or someone’s second choice. You don’t deserve that. You deserve everything. #love the #life you #live

I don’t care if this is a basic thing to do on a holiday. I must post this picture out of the sheer fact that I love my mother, grandmother, and sister more than life itself. Without these woman in my life.

I would be nothing.

Here is to family.

I think everyone needs to take a second and realize this is your only life to enjoy. Even if life is an accidental cocktail of chemicals, made by the formation of planets, and our purpose has no meaning, we should enjoy our time in the sun, we should make the most our moments during life because....... In the #end that is all we will have.
Here is me saying life is special. Do not take it for granted.
#live #all #you #can

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to #Basscenter 10..... and it was unbelievable.
It was awesome getting the crew back together one last time before the end of the summer. Thanks @bassnectar for an amazing time, with amazing people.

One of the only places where I feel totally accepted is #electricforest I survived both weekends adding up to 8 days of awesome music, people, and art.
Either return me back to wonderland or fast forward me through the future. Because I loved every second. #live #all #you #can

Insert typical "get a guy who can do both" quote here.
It's been 11 years since I started my festival life, I never grow tired of it. That's this weekend at #basslantic.
And that's Alexia and myself, a girl with a terrible disorder that never stops smiling. It's a privilege to be in her presence.
#love the #life you #live

-when I'm older, I want to look back, smile, and chuckle the words "how the hell did I do that"
Last weekend when I went to @12thplanet VIP at #websterhall until 5am, to only catch a 6am bus to #Pittsburgh to watch my steelers play, then drove through the snow just to hand in a final in Vermont.
#live #all #you #can

The beautiful ms. @haleyannwarren everyone! If you have ever heard me refer to a real life Valkyrie. This is her! I know you are going to kill it as an up and coming brew master!

I'm very thankful to be here

Warehouse party in Brooklyn last Friday! how I've missed these so much. What a night! That was just the beginning 😂 #excision Brillz and ghastly b2b!

As the days get closer to all of us departing and going in all different directions all over America. I just want to say It has been a privilege to be the little person in the big person group! These aren't my best friends.

They are my brothers. Can't you see the family resemblance?? :)

My four day hiking life cleanse was breath taking. I have tons of other pictures from it but those are for me and me only.
Mother Nature is bigger than all of us. She was here before us. And she will be here after we are all gone

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