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The heatwave in London is over, a Sunday morning hangover busting gym is looming...after pint of coffee and ten more rounds of dying instantly on #Fortnite on my #NintendoSwitch 📷 @charlesmoriarty

...U ok hun? 🤪

Playing the Pink Leopard HARD this week. Hahaha. 🐆🎆🤪 throwing this up while I’m sat behind my sewing machine trying to make magic happen for burning-man... 📷 @charlesmoriarty

Brightoney Pride was so much fun yesterday with our sister wives from across the pond! A very unexpected last minute throw together. I was worried it was going to be completely overrun with people only there to see and celebrate Britney, but it was @brightonprideofficial through and through with a Britney bonus round. So happy!! #HAPPYPRIDE

....ITS BRITNEY BITCH! Who’s ready for @brightonprideofficial today?

NEW HAIR *clutches pearls* guess I’m definitely ready for Brighton Pride now. I decided I wanted to do a few stupid things with my hair before it’s gone thanks to a raw deal with genetics. So today I trotted on down to @richardwardhair and challenged @ellabellahaircolour to create this pink leopard print number...and I think she nailed it! 😂I love to make people smile, and my god this didn’t half get some grins and giggles on the tube. Reckon I should match the beard? 🐆🐆🐆


Riding a watermelon ring like a lazy Susan BOSS! 🍉 final night in Poitiers, one night in Paris tomorrow and then back to London to get ready for @britneyspears at @brightonprideofficial 🤪🤪🤪🤪

This week I got to have a dog for a day and OMG I NEEDS A DOG!! Miuki was such a babe, if anyone needs a dog sitter like ever I’M HERE! 🐕 🐶

LADIES!! It’s a year to this week that @muchtoobutch, @joelgorf and I shot the @rowsehoneyuk #thethreebears advert series! 🐻🍯 Who wants a @netflixuk series? 😂😍💥🎂

Working on fast single cleans, after dreaded double unders. The eye roll at the end says it all, but so glad to be back at @crossfit_shapesmiths after a couple of months away... if only for a couple of days before we’re away again hehe.

ERMAHGEERRRD MADREEERRD, all this epic drippy-wet-sweat weather in London is making me consider digging a ditch int garden and making a pool out of it...stockwell pool parties anyone?! 🎉☀️🎂🎊🍹