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On my birthday, we don’t wear pink, we stand in front of it and ruin the view! Thank you for the shot @eivindhansen ...26 today!!

What better way to spend my 26th birthday than doing something that makes me happy, with the person who makes me the happiest. Extra birthday burpees at crossfit this morning, but only 26 of them thankfully! Saving the celebrations for Berlin in 2 weeks time 😁🐻

A rather surreal evening last night, going from skipping around the house screaming ‘HEY LOOK IM SANDRADEE’ (Grease pun, it was weak I agree, but I’m in my Pink Ladies tshirt.) to attending @letterslive (which was brilliant!! I can’t wait to visit the next ones!!) celebrating international women’s day with my good Judy and one of my favourite women @junodawson and getting to discuss how to adapt Dr Who into a tasteful erotic novel with Dr Strange himself Benedict Cumberbatch and Brody, Damien Lewis. #sonicscrewdriver coming in super handy there 😂 but now back to the renovations and sawdust. Thank you Juno!!

Sorry I’ve been quiet. This is my life now. Sanderella. No more heels on these floors!! Pah. Like that’s going to happen hahahaha.

Getting back into CrossFit after 2 months away has been rough. The open competition has gone hideously so far, but some light shone through this week when I realised I could still string together a few bar muscle-ups. YAAAAAAS CATEGORY IS BUTCH KWEEN 😂

To my favourite CrossFitting paleontologist ... @pakozoic HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY SIS!! (Who the hell is born on Feb 29th anyway?! 😂😍) Can’t wait to see again soon. Its time we worked together on something again! But before that, the @crossfitgames open battle is on 😉🐻 Pic by @cleverprimeuk

Cocktails on the roof of Hotel Unique watching the skyline, followed by an outrageous amount of meat at a rodizio for our final night in São Paulo, and South America. 2 months has felt like it’s shot past in just 2 weeks. It’s been the holiday of a lifetime, we’ve seen some of the most beautiful places on this planet, met some wonderful new friends, and I’m so happy I got to share it all with my boyfriend, best friend, and partner in crime @ben_fr_uk. Time to do a couple more bits of touristing, and then its off to Paris for 3 days before jetting back to London. I’m dreading going back into winter, I’m not sure I’ll be able to support all that clothing!! Hahaha 😂🤪

Carnival has been CRAZY in Rio and Sao Paulo, I can’t get over how much fun it’s been. Clearly couldn’t contain my excitement here hahaha...maybe that was the open bar 🙊🤪. Heres me, @oscarortega1 and @dbroekhuizen at the Sambadrome in Rio last week. If you ever get the chance to see it... GO!!

Category is soaking wet nautical snow garden gnomes who can barely keep their eyes open in all the rain, spray and mist from the Iguaçu falls in Brazil. WE’RE BACK IN BRAZIL... on our way to Rio where we just found out our appartment is double booked and we now have no where to stay. Fml.

Sweaty and mingin in Buenos Aires for one final morning here before flying to Iguaçu falls. Thanks @bigg.fit for a hideous cardio wod, probably the last we’ll manage to get done before Carnival in Rio friday so i’m glad it was horrible haha. This 2 month travelling has been incredible but I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine in London next month!

Beach day at Chihuahua beach in Punta del Este. It’s a nudey beach (no I was a true lady and kept my white-bits hidden here haha). It was lush... until I sunburnt both cheeks and got stung by a jellyfish on my **** when having a pee in the sea. 😂😩 and sidenote, no, it didn’t make it any bigger. I don’t recommend trying it!!!

GODAMNIT I ALWAYS FORGET WHERE I PARKED THE CAR. This time it was Colonia during the 1940’s 😂

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