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MrLee713™  Mr. Lee is a Multi-Platinum- Grammy Nominated music producer •Scarface •Slim Thug •Bun B •Pimp C •Z-Ro •Lil Keke •2Pac •Nipsey Hussle #mrlee713

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Patience Is A Virtue Perfect Timin Is A Plan🕰 12 tracks Hope You Like Just 1...Hitting All Platforms Soon 😎 📸 @weirdrabbitphoto #standby #perfecttimin #Alexandria #Louisiana #Facts #AllGasNoBrakes

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Big bro @mrlee713 will be stopping by to help us at #TexasBeatBattle ! ALL contestants be ready !!! This Friday at 2pm. #nosleepMG

What y’all think.

Thoughts 🤔

Is niggas still watching vcr tapes in 2019. It’s a lot of crazy shit going on. Almost don’t know what to believe.

Really 🤔

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It’s documented that Elvis was a pedophile who enjoyed sexing multiple underage girls but nobody’s talking about ripping his music from streaming platforms and banning his films. Trump got how many sexual assault allegations against him? Oprah counted Michael Jackson as a friend in life but dragged his legacy. However she let Harvey Weinstein, another friend accused of sexual assault make it. Say what you say but you don’t see them digging up their deceased icons and dragging their names through the mud. For the dummies with poor comprehension skills, I’m not defending or condemning but questioning. The American media has always been against Black people, especially Black males. They raped, pillaged, and murdered us but got the world looking at us like we’re the bad guys. FOH! #30yearsofControversy

Sheesh 🤔

They will be trying to mute us all together if we don’t wake up. Next it’s gone be rap music causes rape, murder, and other crimes.

Need to mute this music stealing nigga too 🤷🏾‍♂️

When this nigga movie coming out. Mute his ass too

This man was acquitted but yet and still they starting to pull his music. I’m confused. 2 guys that cleared him in court. Now say they lied and I guess the black ball is real living or dead. People will use you to get on and succeed. Then be the first ones to turn their back and “mute” you. I have my own beliefs about dude. But this right here is bullshit

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