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Fashion no longer appeals to me. I've not been moved for several years. I fell in love with clothes because I liked the idea of wardrobing my life to create a new me. A Dior suit would make me walk different, these Dries boots would make me tap the floor, that Comme trench would project an air of confidence. I tried and tread everything and it's lead me to a place of bafflement. We have a lame duck president, a broken system, the internet tmz's our feed and fashion is less about design and more about the commentary thereof. 2017 hasn't yielded much in terms of innovation, we've been privy to an over abundant rehash of nostalgia taken to the most extreme limits. It's not surprising since we are officially in the era of troll culture. The billy goats have all been consumed and the monster has left the bridge. The president is our Troll-in-Chief and it seems everything in culture has since been emanating as such; a self critique where the output product is also a troll. Troll begets troll, the egg no longer hatches into a chicken. Welcome to Normcore Maximalism, my how far have we come. The world is now flat once again as we have seen the world upend itself and reflect into a thing that we find familiar, trivial and above all sublimely mundane.

I tend to read in waves. I dive in and do not emerge for months, sometimes years; I become obsessed. Bradbury was my first, Dostoevsky second, then came Bukowski, then Fante and Mishima. Now it is Baldwin. The man speaks to me to my core. He is sharp, intelligent and brazen. Thank you for providing your light, it still burns. #READ #JAMESBALDWIN

"There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now." - James A. Baldwin

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do...

In love with this piece entitled "Death Rider" illustrated by Lizz➕Lopez.

It is the 21st century, 2017 Anno Domini, the year of our Lord. The global human population currently stands at 7.5 billion, of which the United States of America holds a fraction, roughly 326 million people. Within the U.S., White Americans are the racial majority at 72%. Black Americans make up 13.3%, Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to 17.8% and Asian Americans round to 5%. From these numbers, 35% of White Americans reside in the south while 55% of Black Americans also claim the south as their homestead.
These numbers are not mere coincidence gleaning from America’s sordid four hundred year history of slavery, that open exploitation in raw economics funneled through a racist manipulative gaze. 1861 to 1865 proved to be a significant watershed moment in standing for human rights and human decency as the Civil War vindicated the north and ended slavery. We should take note it wasn’t until another hundred years that Black Americans were given legal means to vote. 1965 is not that long ago. And 1865 is still very raw. I’ve been gauging the feed these past few days, reading about the violence and discord that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. The loss of lives that resulted from the Alt-Right Neo-Nazis descending onto public space to declare their spurious notion of “white lives matter,” equipped with riot shields, militia gear and semi-automatics (Virginia is an open carry state), all in an intimidating show of protest was difficult to watch. What was more difficult and heart wrenching was observing our President of these United States abscond from rebuking white supremacy, rather shifting blame to “many sides.” My heart sank and a deep anger swelled inside of me. It’s clear that we do not have a presiding leader. As a U.S. citizen, I call to my fellow decent Americans from all walks of our cultural pool to guard the towers and stand watch on behalf of our fellow kin. This country cannot afford to turn a blind eye to bigotry, hate and ignorance. Our captain might be stir-crazy but we are not rudderless. We can still command our destination as long as we hold tight and continue to unite with our empathy, our compassion, our love.
This is Our America.

I came into this planet today many decades ago in peace. I now reside within it with fury. My mission is yet to be accomplished. Here's to getting older and hopefully wiser.


I once fell in love with a girl who hailed from the desert. She took me there to a cabin. Inside the attic, there was a bedroom where the wooden ceiling tapered. We laid together hearing the evening crickets and sharing quiet whispers. She was a woman of this land and she carried herself different.

This last week we lost Chester.
Chester also was from the desert. He was ferocious in delivery but calm and gentle in passing. Years ago I traveled to Berlin with this man, we were working together on a project. I remember each and every time when people would approach him at the airport, he would drop his bags and embrace them with a deep hug, pose for a selfie and listen to them intently. We took a road trip around the alps of Austria and he would share stories that would make you laugh. You would forget that this man was a voice, a powerful voice that spoke for many.
He was from the desert and the land made him different. He stood different, he talked different and boy did he sing different. He didn't merely sing, he wailed with a menace. He gutted his body for those that needed it.

This man has passed onto the yonder, far from Arizona, far from these arid fields to the beyond. He will not be forgotten, history will fondly protect his voice and his grace.
Chester, may you rest in peace. Your humanity will always be remembered.


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