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Jeff Larson 

Stagecoach this year was a total #bangshow! 💥💃🔥Vid link in bio #stagecoach2017

Spent Saturday at the beach barking at babes and talking about doggy style with my new best friend #wholetthedogsout

"ARE YOU GUYS ROCKSTARS?" The plump lolita behind the check-in desk stood there, staring at my brother and I, waiting for a reply.
Neither Derek nor I say anything...we just stand there, dressed in all black and covered in faded sharpie tattoos and guyliner in the hot Cabo airport...looking like characters from Rocky Horror Picture show.
Sweating pure tequila out our pores from overindulging the night before, we wait for our minds to unfuck themselves and register the question that the lolita (let's just call her Maria) had just asked us.
We'd just spent our spring break masquerading around Mango Deck and Squid Roe as rockstars, and now we were simply trying to check in for our flight. But if only things were so simple... Derek is the first to answer.

He gives me a nod to follow his lead, and I nod back in agreement. after all, I'd just spent the whole last weekend pretending to be singing back up lead vocals for him, why not keep this crazy train flying off the tracks?! D leans over the counter to get up close and personal with Maria, squinches his eyes into a sexy gaze that would make Brad Pitt jealous, and drops his voice down an octave into sexy, Barry White baby-making territory... "Why yes we are," Derek concedes, "we are 2 of the members of the heavy metal boy band 'Dark Angel'. Derek, a mouth breather by nature, comes on too strong on the delivery and accidentally soaks Maria in a wave of tequila breath.
She winces.

But Derek doesn't stop there. Instead, he doubles down and bats his mascara-covered lashes at Maria: "Is there any way you can upgrade us to first class? Our tour manager messed up when booking our seats." Fuck me. That was a bold move Derek.
At this point, all bets are off. When we first got to the counter, Maria was giving us hungry eyes. Now, those hungry eyes have turned into a quizzical stare. Even though I consider myself to be a 1/4 psychic, I can't read her...It's a standoff. [TO BE CONTINUED]

Meanwhile, if you want to see Dark Angel reunite for a little acoustic set, watch my latest Vlog (link in my bio)

Don't have the stamina for the full 30min bangshow? Start at the 20min mark ;) Dark Angel, Keep Rockin! -J

So I opened up YouTube this morning and it asked me if I wanted to watch my latest video again. So obviously I said yes and spent the whole day watching it 1000 times. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it (link is in my bio). If you've already watched it, watch it again! Then, say what's up to me on YouTube in the comments 🍾. On a serious note, thanks guys for the love on the vid 🙌 #bangshow #lagunabeach

"Man I wish I wore underwear today"...froze my dick off in Malibu shooting the sunset (don't worry I'm fine now) photo cred: @sexp1stol #californiaroadtrip #malibu

Sunrise on the Santa Barbara pier...such a great way to wake up! #californiaroadtrip #santabarbara #santabarbarapier

Switched things up! Instead of a vlog today, here's a lil edit to show my "sensitive side" titled "Laguna Beach Winter Morning". Enjoy!
#lagunabeach #laguna #livelagunabeach

We got an RV! Vlog 3 is up (link in bio) #lagunabeach #rvlife #californiaroadtrip

Big thanks to my mom Krazy Katie for the last min trip to mex...always a fun time!
Watch the full video on YouTube (link in bio) @kwl1951 @sexp1stol #sayulita

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