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Justin Brody 

Tried adding more to this, still hate it, so fuck this one. I've been so disenchanted with my art and artists here on Instagram lately, this is not a good start to February..#slan #berserk #meh #fuckit

This was gonna be a slan pic from Berserk, but I hate the pose, so I'm restarting it. #slan #berserk

A doodle I was doing to update an old character of mine, but my self confidence has been down the shitter lately, so I probably won't finish this..

Some concepts of my frog goddess for my WIP hentai comic idea. I wonder if she'd be more popular if I just made her a super generic sexy frog woman design.. #meh #monstergirl #longtongue

A small warmup doodle, nothing Still feeling bleh.

After thinking on it more today, I realize I still heavily dislike coloring. Learning it, doing it, watching others do it, it just truly doesn't excite me and is ruining my love of drawing. The lines though, that's what gets my heart pumping and rejuvenates me. It's what I pay attention to in a drawing, so I think I'll just primarily be doing monochromatic works from now on. #ink #tentacles #lineart #giantess

(NSFW Next Pic) I just need to accept the fact that I enjoy sketchy, basic colored pics and to stop trying to change my style for likes. Just because every single artist is going for that semi realism coloring style, doesn't mean I have to. #nsfw #bigboobs #monstergirl #hugebreasts

(NSFW NEXT IMAGE) Moving my desk around, trying different setups, and I'm gonna try practicing with digital oil painting on this sketch.
I think I just need to accept the fact that simple coloring may not be for me anymore, and I just need to suck it up and learn more complex techniques. #nsfw #monstergirl #horns #largebreasts #hugebreasts #sketch

Quick lil Yugi sketch. Quite tired and haven't been feeling it. #yugioh #yugimoto #sketch #bleh

Just a shitty lil booette doodle for no reason. Kinda got my drive back, but not really. #booette #mario #boo #peachette #longtongue

I should really try working on my makeup skills at some point, but boi am I lazy.. #selfie #androgynous #meh

Another sketchy doodle of the best boi @uri_hanazono. Im still trying to be okay with my sketchy style, though I'm often discouraged when I see others with a more clean look that attracts more views. #prettyboy #androgynous #sketch

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