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Mariana Riquezes  👽University of Florida👽 If you don't want to date me that's fine, but you're wrong and I hate you. @mriqufoto

Time to go back✨

Find someone who looks at you the way this pupper looks at me

Don’t worry, beer happy🍺

Tell me baby, what’s your story?🌶



🌀Dancin' is what to do, Dancin's when I think of you, Dancin's what clears my soul, Dancin's what makes me whole🌀

Just keep swingin’

Having resting bitch face all the time means less wrinkles...right?🤷🏻‍♀️

Got to camp by the beach with some pretty cool people this weekend...2018 is lookin’ good so far👌🏽

Winter is pretty chill

they see me rollin, they hatin

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