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Mrinalini Khattar  Journaling

Somewhere, caught between
Changing trains
And pressed between
Sweaty, eager men
And watching the woman in front of me
Buffing her nails
In great meditation,
I close my eyes
And think of penning a poem
That would free me of you

Illustration by @heikala

Smart bikes for stupid people

लाल मेरे दिल का हाल है / Red is the condition of my heart

The chirping birds are probably complaining about their everyday lives too. But to me, it's music.


Animation by @catswilleatyou_art

Nights for saying grace. 🌙

"Bitiyaa ki smile badi pyaari hai."


Bella has found a stone in her backyard. It is oddly shaped and looks like it has a face on it. The face looks like it needs a friend so Bella has decided to become friends with it. Swiftly, she puts it in her pocket.
When people at home look like that she runs to them too. Perches atop her father's mountainous frame when he is settled in his big chair after work, imagines her hand to be an iron and runs it over his forehead. Lines disappear like magic.
This is just a stone then. She has been warming it with her palms for three days but it still looks the same. She wonders if she has lost her power. But mother once said that some things take time and also that the biggest changes always take place on the inside, so she keeps her faith.

Illustration by @annedessine


Yeh dosti aur lipstick dono smudge-proof hain 💄@sharma.shalini09

Mary Oliver (1935 - 2019)

Most things are how they are because of how I remember them. I am how I am because of how I remember things.

Illustration by Duong Nyung Hy

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