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Two pots of stock on the go? Damn straight

@uncouthrooth did a great job with Lobo going up against @tonymooreillustration for his first ever sketch duel. @fanexpocanada

@tonymooreillustration did a great job with Lobo during his sketch duel with @uncouthrooth @fanexpocanada

I loved this project from @thekubertschool wish it had been for sale @fanexpocanada

@fanexpocanada "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming"

@fanexpocanada Bebop and Rocksteady. These costumes were amazing

The best Elizabeth from Burial at Sea I saw @fanexpocanada

God...I hate monopoly. Someone always comes off as a used car sales man. #monopolysucks #usedsalesman #lotr #gimili #gandalf #legolas #frodo #rentistoodamnhigh

Big thanks to @tonymooreillustration and @mrshix_ for making this an awesome Christmas present

Merry beermas to all and to all a good night. Thanks to the family for giving the gift of great beer. Love #Wychwoodbrewery

I'm in love with this @joehill @stephenking #stephenking #darktower commission. @mrshix_ surprised me with this print. @tonymooreillustration did an amazing job. Thanks guys!! Merry Christmas.