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Chris “MrGone” Leland  Untapped: MrGonev6 - Pizza, beer and movies! Not much better!! Sometimes I make character sheets for pen & paper RPGs, check em out at my web site!


Two more from @jwakefieldbeer tonight thanks to @hops_for_harambe !! Had the El Jefe earlier, and it was a great Hefeweizen! That hint of coconut really made it!! Now I’m trying the Hops for Teacher! Nice IPA! Hoppy, but a little smooth too! Glad I got to try these!! 🍻

It’s a @hoofheartedbrewing double feature tonight courtesy of @jsthomas_lxxiv and @_cockpunch !!! Earlier I had the Roller Blabe that @jsthomas_lxxiv sent me. Had it once before and loved it, so I was glad he sent another one! Now I’m trying the Wet When Slippery that @_cockpunch sent me. It’s really good! Nice and juicy with some fruity notes to it! Really enjoying it!! Thanks for sharing guys!! 🍻

Look what came in the mail today!!!

Tonight I’d thought I’d try a couple that @hops_for_harambe sent my way, both from @jwakefieldbeer ! Tried Tha Grn Monsta earlier. It was really good! Juicy with a little hop bitterness! Now I’m trying Frank White and it’s great!! It’s juicy as well but has a nice pineapple flavor to it without being overly sweet! Very glad I got to try both of these! Thanks for sharing man! 😄🍻

Taquitos and Tequila for dinner! It’s been one of those kinda days...

Had a friend out tonight to share a few beers and thought I’d break out a couple of these. @zoneonejon gave em to me a bit back ago, and it seemed liked the perfect time to have em! It was great! Perfect Russian Imperial Stout! Glad I decided to share tonight!

I thought seemed like a good night to try these two from @tenayacreek that @the_blue_collar_beer_gourmet sent my way! The Gypsy Fade was pretty good! Had some tropical fruit notes and a bit of grassiness that was nice. Now I’m trying the Tandem and it is a great DIPA! Has some nice grapefruit notes and bit of a resiny hop flavor that is great!! Really glad I got to try these!!

Finally decided to give these two a try tonight!! @_cockpunch sent me the sour from @rarbrew and it was great!! Nice and tart but still has a nice taste of peaches. Very tasty! @jsthomas_lxxiv sent me the DIPA from @hoofheartedbrewing and like everything I’ve had from them it is amazing!! It’s sweet and a little fruity with a nice mouth feel! It’s very drinkable!! Hard to believe it’s 9%! I love it!! Very glad I decided to drink these tonight!!

Came home to some great beer mail from @_cockpunch !! He even sent me a new glass from @treehousebrewco !! Thanks man!! 😎🍻

One of my local liquor stores had a customer appreciation event last night with a raffle, and I won this fire pit!! Looks pretty awesome!

Thanks to a hot tip from @craftpicks I was able to acquire some CBS!!!! Can’t believe I finally have it! 😎🍻

Thought I should have a few beers from @sunkingbrewing tonight!! Earlier I had some GFJ I’ve had for a bit. Been cold the whole time I’ve had it and it’s held up awesomely! Was still nice and hoppy!! Now I’m drinking on a Dragons Delight! Has a bit of sweetness to it which is nice! Glad I decided to drink these tonight! @sunkingbrewing always makes a great beer! 🍻

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