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@Nathan  ▪ ▪@geecuelife #teamgeecue yay area ▪️will work for 🍩🍩🍩🍩

I'm full. I still gotta deadlift

Almost decided to do an hour walk for cardio today to bust through a "plateau", but I looked over my weight in the last two weeks and realized I'm being impatient again. It's really hard to be objective with myself 😂 each colored cell in each column indicates the amount of days I stayed at a particular weight. 157s was a bitch, but broke through with a few 400 carb refeeds. I'll give myself a few more days at 155 and I'm due for a refeed. How convenient, it's Memorial Day weekend *slap on beer goggles* #roadto132s #jk #ijustdontwantToRipJeansAnymore

My meals for today #nastynateeats

Some chick was giving out free Ice cream. I can't turn down free food. That's the best kind!#nastynateeats

I eat this at lunch so I can eat my treats at dinner

Happy BIRTHDAY @lienpercy I wish you all the gains, more red bottom shoes (🤗@oreothor), and calorie free donuts

Breaking my fast #if

Better than the peeps. Tastes like...syrup 🤓 #nastynateeats

Hope you got the DEAL and picked up yours from REI for $30. It's hot #whogotone? #yourewelcome ☺️check my other post about $30

4x9x973lbs - lightweight enough to focus more on technique #repetition #sumoboiz

Com tam! Shredded pork skin, egg cake and bbq pork. Side note: what's simbas favorite Vietnamese food??
A bun bo hue a bun bo hue

768lbs x 3. Anyway I can get stronger without going to the gym? Asking for a friend

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