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@Nathan  [email protected] [email protected] #teamgeecue yay area ▪️will work for 🍩🍩🍩🍩

Y'all should try sous vide. Juicy breasts all the time #nastynateeats #anova #anovasousvide

Yaaas snow! ___________________________________________
@snowboardprocamp you changed my life! putting my back hand over my tail changed everything! #snowboardprocamp

Vegan maple donutsss #nastynateeats

Ho sik mmm goi! #nastynateeats

Sous vide pink chicken breast with chimichurri sauce #willidie?

Just finished my intense full stack coding bootcamp. 3 months fully dedicated to this and finally im done. I struggled a butt load. I've never felt so stupid in my life 😂
--------I don't like asking for help and rather figure out problems on my own, but if it wasn't for you Shane I wouldn't have succeeded. Thanks much 🙏🏻 #codeEatSleep

Donuts and Databases #nastynateeats

On the way to Merced tonight

It's gorgeous. No cracks, just beauty #nastynateeats

"We live absurd, small lives based on suppressed emotions, irrational decisions, hiding what we truly think and feel, and a total absence of integrity.

We live with a constant fear of looking bad in front of other people while pretending that we aren’t really afraid.

We make up stories about what happens in life, and we use those stories to justify breaking our agreements, holding back, and avoiding risk." When you're mad, upset, pissed off, take responsibility. Then you can be released from it all. Enjoy your lunch

This happen to anyone before? 😂 #yourmcm

One of my favorites exercises for back. Keep flat, I like to stay as horizontal as possible. Don't ocho ocho