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@Nathan  ▪️San Jose ▪️ ▪️Tech 👨🏻‍💻 ▪️🍩🍩🍩🍩

Cheap Omakase #nastynateeats

Mochi Donuts 😍 #nastynateeats

Commute life #GOTEM #youOweMeAdonut

Semi, 0-60 in 5 secs. The future #tesla

🍩 time. Hope you’re having a crumby day #nationaldonutday

Two best things in the morning

Man, I love tacos 🌮 I’m on a mission to try a different taco spot in San Jose every week. Quiero dos asada, dos lengua, y dos carnitas por favor #nastynateeats

Congratulations to my dear friend @timtamfit and her new husband Daniel! 👰 🎩 Your wedding was a really special event and I feel so honored to had been apart of it with many of your close friends and family. It was so fun to be surrounded by 50 Aussies n not have a clue what most of them were saying. I miss the Aussie accent. Thank you! I wish you both all the love in the world

This is the probably the most Australian thing I’ve seen this whole weekend so faaar.
I saw @alvinhello place a sausage on a slice of toast and thought that was weird. So I asked “do they not have any hot dog buns?” And he said that’s how they do it in Straya. And then I looked around and all of them were eating sausage sandwiches 🤯@timtamtabitha @cowabungaaaaa @asian_ang @dishana

Dexa Scan Results:
150.8lbs with clothes
17.8% BF
26.9lbs of fat
Was quite surprised about my results. Guess what, you’re fatter than you think! 🍣🍰🍫🍩

I like habit burger more than In-n-out. Happy Friday

Visited Davis on Friday, reliving my college days. Accomplished “The Trinity” 🥃🍸Davis is so different now. But still love the small town vibe #nastynateeats

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