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Slow and lazy deadlifts on a Saturday afternoon. 380x5 and a bunch of deficits. Cameo by @ohilyssa’s 🍑
Good catching up with you

Clear frickin plates! #genius #iifym #nastynateeats

GOODBYE 2🍩17, HELLO 2🍩18

Who bought one after seeing me use my sous vide machine?
Just received my replacement machine in the mail. My other one pooped out of me after a year of use. It stopped reading the water temperature. But thank you warranty!
If you cook chicken breast every week I highly highly recommend getting this. It’s good for other meats, but I have the most trouble getting my chicken breast to stay moist while grilling, baking, and frying. Best investment of 2017 for me! #notAnAd #justSpreadingtheGains #itscheapernow #anova #sousvide #food #npc #nomnomnom

😅 I shouldnt have pause to contemplate that last rep.
The rest of the workout went really well.
217.5lbs x 5.5 reps
Pause bench 190x3x3secs
Dips 60lb x 12 (3 sets) - aiming for 90lb dips in the next 3 months

Challenged by @timtamfit ▪️
7 days; 7 B&W photos. No ppl, no explanation
5/7 ▪️
I nominate @baconandboobeys

Southern Comfort Kitchen Food Truck. Bye, I’m checking out for the day #foodcoma #nastynateeats #sf #sfeats #food #nomnom #bayarea

It’s good to do exercises that lengthen and stretch the muscle. Exercises like stiff leg deadlifts lengthen and strengthen the HAMSTRINGS. The chest fly lengthens and strengthens the PECS. Pull-ups help lengthen and strengthen the LATS. If you just to dead hands you’ll feel a nice stretch in those meaty lats.

I wonder why people say you don’t need mobility. I’d say almost everyone has some tightness somewhere unless you’re a super yogi. And those muscles need to be warm and loosened up before they can work optimally. I will bet you 12 🍩 that someone will say they don’t need to do mobility work, until they do.

Contemplated going for an extra rep, but nahhh #babypowerbelly #pennydeposit

Cold mornings make it hard for me to break a sweat. I noticed my HR needs to be at least 120bpm for several mins to start sweating.
Pullups, bro rows, chest supported rows, lat pulldowns.

Challenged by @timtamfit ▪️
7 days; 7 B&W photos. No ppl, no explanation
I nominate @lienpercy

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