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Workers are preparing the fishing net.
Traditional fishing on wooden #Lenj , #salakh , #Qeshm island, southern #iran

Inside a #Lenj, on a traditional lenj construction yard in Qeshm island.
Qeshm island is located in southern Iran, still many people use wooden Lenjs for sailing, fishing and other tasks.
#bbctravel #cnntravel #instagram

Shah Mosque –or Imam mosque- is located on the southern side of Naghsh-e-
Jahan Square in Isfahan. This mosque belongs to Safavi era and was built under
the order of Shah Abbas the First. This building has an enormous dome with a
height of nearly 57 meters (170 ft.) as well as tall minarets. Additionally, an
exemplary tiling with a unique symmetrical design under the dome and on most
of the inner walls mesmerizes the visitors.
The ceiling of this place is none like any other. It is one of the most exquisite works of architecture, which one might find hard to look away.

Ceiling of Nasir al-Mulk mosque , #Shiraz

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque is located in the city of Shiraz, and was built in Qajar era by Nasir Al-Mulk. This mosque has two eastern and western bedchambers, and the eastern one has a tiled altar accompanied with 12 columns and windows with colorful glasses.
In fall and winter seasons when sunlight shines through the colorful glasses, it presents as exemplary beauty to the interior of the bedchamber, making this mosque outstandingly aesthetical among other mosques of Iran. The tiling and paintings of the bedchambers are of exceptional beauty as well.

Top photos of 35Awards from Iranian photographers.
See the link in bio, as one of the jury members and the only from Iran. congratulations to all 💐

به تمام دوستان ايراني كه عكسشون به عنوان عكس برتر ايران در مسابقه ٣٥ اواردز شناخته شد تبريك ميگم، ممنون كه عكس هاتون رو براي اين مسابقه فرستاديد.

The Bedkhem Church (Other name: Bedghehem church) is an Armenian Apostolic church in the Julfa quarter in Isfahan, Iran. One of the most important historical churches of the city, it belongs to the Abbas I era.
كليساي بيت اللحم، اصفهان

Night sky and Maranjab Desert
In Rare cases, when it is a heavy rain, you can see some water before it get vaporized on the surface of the salty and hot Maranjab desert. Maranjab Desert (dried Salt lake) is located in center of Iran, near the city Kashan. waters remaining on the Surface of salt desert act like a mirror so the water reflects the night sky and the light pollution of nearby cities.

Tourists are looking at the beautiful paintings and ceiling artworks, inside Church of the Holy Saviour in #Chora, #istanbul , #turkey

As a Jury member of This Year's "35 Awards", I am inviting you to participate in this photography contest.
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به عنوان يكي از داور هاي مسابقه سالانه ٣٥ اواردز و تنها داور ايراني مسابقه، دوستان رو دعوت ميكنم در اين مسابقه شركت كنند.
سه روز فرصت باقي مونده.

Tabātabāei House is a #historic house located in #Kashan city and was built during #Qajar dynasty by one of the famous merchants from Kashan.
This house has several sections, each of those ornamented differently and uniquely by using various types of art and #architecture such as #stuccos and #stained_glasses
This house is an example of houses which merchants from kashan built for their families and lived in it.
After Nasir Almolk mosque,this was the second place that I saw windows with stained glasse are widely used.
Apart from that,the Stucco ornaments in this house are unique.
In yard’s walls there are different shapes of stucco ornaments all around and when you enter into the yard,they will freeze you instantly.
In this photos I showed you the passing of light through the stained glasses and ceiling’s stucco works from one of the rooms.

خانه طباطبايي ها، كاشان

#Sheikh_Lotfollah #Mosque, located in the #Naqsh_e_Jahan Square of #Isfahan city, was built during the reign of #Shah_Abbas I of the #Safavid dynasty.
Plenty of mosaics are used in construction of this mosque. The chief architect of this masterpiece was #Sheikh_Bahai and many famous calligraphers and artists of Safavid collaborated in its creation.
This mosque has a 45 degree angle for adapting to #Mecca. Unlike any other mosque in Iran, it does not have a #Sahn or a courtyard.

سقف مسجد شيخ لطف الله اصفهان، زماني كه تمام چراغ ها و نور غير طبيعي بنا خاموش بوده، اوايل صبح.

#Vakil #mosque, located in #Shiraz city, is one of the most beautiful mosques in #Iran which dates back to #Zand_dynasty.
This mosque has two Shabestans on its south and east sides. On its north there is marble arc named #Pearl arc. The high number of columns in this structure makes it unique both from the beauty and structural point of view.
Colorful and fine #ceramics used in facades and dome of this mosque also grab one’s attention.
I like this mosque because of the many pillars that have been used inside. As you enter, the repetition of these pillars, makes the place grand, beautiful and gives the impression of many separate spaces.
In my photo I’ve tried to show this repetition in the best way.
Please Visit my website and Architecture Gallery for more Pictures of Vakil Mosque and some other Mosques in iran.
مسجد وكيل، شيراز

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