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Vaughn Dabney  • Speaker • App Developer 📲 • Entrepreneur • Photographer 📸 • Best-Selling Author of "Finding One" 📚

When you see @syd, the only thing you need to do is say “thank you” - Thank you for allowing me to capture you today! #QueenDay #ExtraordinaryWomen #CAAM

In the zone... 📸: @mrmcbuckets

How it used to go down... #nostalgia #socialnoteapp #excusethetypo

Beard gone. Sun out. Brain in overdrive...what can I help you with?

My love for skating is so strong. Ask a skater what the first thing they think about when they buy any clothing..."Can I skate in this?" Or when a song comes on out in public, a skaters gut reaction is to see if it's a skatable track. And there's nothing sexier than a woman who can skate 🙏🏽😩 🎥: @lucky_peters #shotbyluckypeters

Do NOT feel pressured to fill the mold of someone's not for you. As soon as you realize you must own your own shit, life will be easier. Never mind who's doing their own thing on Instagram. Aspire to be the greatest YOU! Put in the work and respect the process because you have no idea what people have been through to get where they are. Honestly, you may not want that journey. Most people haven't had the walk-in-the-park experience...more like jacked-in-the-park, stripped of all possessions, and pushed off a cliff, expected to land on both feet sporting a pair of gold wings. So the next time you decide to compare yourself, come back and read this (or bookmark it). #findingone

You cannot flourish in your life and relationships without effective and clear communucation. It will not work. You avoid the tough talks or awkward moments while your true thoughts get sidelined. Learn to be clear and honest with your communication and watch how easy life becomes. 📚: #FindingOne

Yesterday was my first experience at an @everydayppl event....let me tell you one thing: I was immediately transported to an East coast, Summer time day party! I felt love, rhythms, and there were so many beautiful people. I only captured a fraction of the event in my best effort to allow you to feel what I felt and experienced. (*I won't tag everyone again, but if I shot you, thank you)
#everydayppl #la

Miss those times down at skate zone in Atlanta...

Change your voice of manifestation by doing this...[PRESS PLAY]

As you're navigating your position and purpose, understand this...[PRESS PLAY]

Scannable @muneeapp shirt in full effect. You will probably see me with this on for a week straight. Don't say anything, just pull out your camera/scanner app and hold it up to the QR code 😂

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