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ChristianAlexander😎🐍💪  Life's about blessing the life of others regular guy w/ a big heart Fitness/motivation/Faith enthusiast Physique inc Prep&Posing Coach. 👻 @mrcshadows

#BackDay working on that thickness and width. My overall back needs to be improved by leaps and bounds: and that ain't happening with only hammer strength machines. Gotta go @thedorianyates #yatesstyle and lift heavy and hard! I want that thicka-than-A-snicka-bar density and that #cobravtaper back! 🐍 #backattack #latspread #bigback #PHZQinc

#RIP @dallasmccarver aka BIG COUNTRY! He was a true ambassador of the sport, on and off the stage! Work Ethic like NO OTHER. And was real, humble and down to earth! When people asked about someone I respect in the game right now, I always said Dallas McCarver!! Life is precious people, enjoy your friends, family and close ones everyday and appreciate life. R.I.P my iron brother #ripdallasmccarver

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford
-I just thought of such an impactful thing, if the moon and sun can come together, today on beautiful rare occasion. Then why can't we as a nation, blacks and white, all races and nationalities come together? Today I think we got this eclipse as a sign and message from god to come together during these crazy and sad times our nation is undergoing. One nation under God. #mondaymotivation #nohate #stopracism #onelove

Busy day, as every day. Full day of @perfectposing posing athletes! I normally don't get to show u guys what my days looks like, but here's a little look at today. 4 posing athletes, all one week out. Teen #mensphysique competitor @brandonehk who's doing the @musclecontest challenge at the @thefitexpo. #bikinicompetitor @jennifer_lasalle who's also one week out for the same show, and #npcbikini competitor @gemmagainz who's doing the same show! And then @michael.berger1288 who's doing the @tahoeshow! Posing is everything so make sure you guys always put a lot of time and effort into it! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach

Prejudging was a success! @perfectposing posing athlete, #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor @amandasofit_ killed it today at the @musclecontest NPC Pacific USAs! Dead center women's bikini, Novice Class A. And battling for top 3 in Unlimited Class A!! Her and her prep coach @ashtonkmarshall did a phenomenal job! And I'm very happy how her posing and #bikiniposing routine came out and how she nailed it! Proud of you! Now time for finals!! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach

#flexfriday @perfectposing POSING ATHLETE SHOUTOUT, with first time competitor, #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor @amandasofit_ who's one day out from the @jonlindsay_ @musclecontest PACIFIC USAs! She's been working hard and diligently with her prep coach, @ashtonkmarshall ...and all the weeks of hardwork will now be displayed tomorrow! So proud of her and how much she dedicated herself to this! Me and @perfectposing were honored to have guided her with her #bikiniposing routine! Please help me in sending her some positive vibes, and give her a follow! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach

#tbt #throwbackthursday kids nowadays will never know about riding bikes and jumping over stuff and sometimes your own friends lol! nowadays they'll never know about freezetag, Football on the streets, riding bikes, green light/redlight and all the cool things we did back then!! I know I did this exact thing with my bikes and jumping over my friends lol #goodolddays #growingupinthe80s #goodtimes #childhood #thesekidsnowadayswillneverknow

#tbt #throwbackthursday with my 2012 One week out of from my #bodybuilding show where I was a bantamweight vs my 2016 One week out out from my #ClassicPhysique show where I was Class A. I'm no where near my ultimate goal, and I'm aware I don't have the most impressive physique(never really have), BUT I am DAMN PROUD how far I've come along! @physiqueinc @perfectposing #PHZQinc #prepcoach #posingcoach. Ps was still doing #ClassicPhysiquePosing even back them

Gotta show some love and support, to my brothers in iron, my @physiqueinc brothers/Teammates, IFBB #ClassicPhysique PROS, @ifbbpro_rudymike @ifbbprovincentvjhils @ifbb_pro_italian_beast and @stanimal9 who are ALL COMPETING this upcoming weekend at @jonlindsay_ @musclecontest PACIFIC USAs! All mentored and guided under the careful eye of my homie @stanthemanmcquay it looks like the whole #PhysiqueIncSquad is ready to make some noise! If you guys don't follow ALL OF THEM ALREADY: please give them all a follow and send them positive vibes! Who knows?! Maybe a clean 1-4 sweep from @physiqueinc! #PHZQinc #ClassicBodybuilding

#transformationtuesday with @physiqueinc Prep athlete and @perfectposing posing athlete, IFBB #ClassicPhysique PRO @thebul_eb Eric Brown Jr, and his 8 week Crazy #transformation! #classicbodybuilding #PHZQinc
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