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ChristianAlexander😎🐍💪  Life's about blessing the life of others regular guy w/ a big heart Fitness/motivation/Faith enthusiast Physique inc Prep&Posing Coach. 👻 @mrcshadows


@perfectposing posing athlete, #womensfigure competitor, the beautiful @cgregsonfit one day out from the @ferrignolegacy #ferrignolegacy, and looking awesome! Still undergoing the carb up and water pulling process! And man, she's looking 🔥!!! Can't wait till tomorrow! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc

#flexfriday @perfectposing posing athlete shoutout, #bikinicompetitor @angelicaosb who's ones day out from the @musclemania #fitnessamericaweekend2017 and competing for her very first time, doing the #msbikiniamerica. With a short notice and last minute scheduling, @perfectposing andnmyself were able to see Angelica and help her finalize and polish up her routine, so tomorrow she can make a great debut! Please help me in sending her positive vibes! You got this girl! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach #bikiniposingcoach

#flexfriday @perfectposing posing athlete @physiqueinc prep athlete, #mensphysique competitor @sevsworld_com is 2 days out from the @ferrignolegacy #ferrignolegacy, and already looking to surpass the physique we brought just a week ago. With feedback from judges, coach @stanthemanmcquay And sevan already adjusted the diet to being a better package, and myself and @perfectposing are gonna make some minor tweaks to the posing to really make sure we bring our A+ game! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #PHZQINC #mensphysiqueposing

#flexfriday @perfectposing posing athlete and @physiqueinc prep athlete, #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor @jennifer_lasalle who's 2 days out from the @ferrignolegacy #ferrignolegacy! Also working with coach @stanthemanmcquay, Jennifer has been giving it her all in order to make sure she bring her best package to date! With me and @perfectposing we also had the opportunity to meet with @jennifer_lasalle weekly to make sure her routine was smooth and on point. And as you guys can see, we did that! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach #PHZQINC #bikiniposingcoach

#flexfriday @perfectposing posing athlete, @physiqueinc prep athlete, #ClassicPhysique Competitor @swolepacheco is 2 days out from the @ferrignolegacy #ferrignolegacy! Working under the careful eye of coach @stanthemanmcquay, they are looking to have Joel make a great debut in his very first competition. I alongside @perfectposing had the opportunity to make sure his posing is on point and matches his physique. Can't wait to unveil all the hardwork! #PHZQINC #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach #ClassicPhysiquePosing

"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” —Maya Angelou
-today is a special day to me, and a special day because the most influential person I have ever met, was brought into his world. Today is my mommas bday, and I couldn't say it anymore how blessed and grateful I am to not only have a mother and strong woman like her, but to be fortunate to still have my mom with me, as I know many others have had their mothers return with god. If you guys have ever met my mom, that quote perfectly describes her! Strong and powerful like a storm, but calm peaceful and beautiful like a rainbow that follows that same storm. She has not only taught me how to be the best version of myself, has taught to me to go after whatever I want(as my mom still runs marathons and chases whatever she wants!) and has taught me how to conduct myself like a true gentleman. As I grow older I NOW understand how important it is to appreciate your parents everyday, as I try to take them out when I can, but on today on her bday it's a little bit extra!! I love you, HAPPY BDAY, the quiero muchisimo... gracias por todo lo que has hecho para mi. #happybdaymom #happybirthday #happybirthdaymom #lovemymom #cherishyourmom #felizcumpleaños

Today I got a unexpected gift from one of my @perfectposing posing athlete, a fellow @physiqueinc athlete, @joeyra88 who gave me a very nice, thank you gift for all the help I gave him. And this was no ordinary gift...this was something that he took his time, to bake and make with his own hands. Joey went to culinary school for baking, and is a master at his craft. He hadn't baked in a while but decided to get back to his roots. And for him not only to bake but do something like this to show appreciation means the World. Me as a coach I never do anything, or give my athletes the attention and services that I do for something in return, I do it because I'm passionate in what I do, and I truly, genuinely want the best for them. When they work with me they're investing in to ME, and US, the team. And when they invest into me, it's my duty to make sure they get everything I can give them in return. I don't expect anything from them but just them giving me their all. BUT wow! I can't complain this is nice! Receiving anything is always nice! Thank you @joeyra88 I am very thankful and grateful for the gift, and more importantly humbled by the kind words. And thank you for allowing me to be part of you fitness journey. We do this, always, together as a team! #proudcoach #posingcoach #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc

#mondaymotivation with @physiqueinc prep athlete, @perfectposing posing athlete, #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor @michelleadas.27 and her performance at this past weekends, @musclecontest NPC IRON GAMES. Michelle did an awesome job, bringing home a 2nd place trophy in novice women's bikini Class A. We previously worked together in a different organization and with a short notice I took over her prep, and we did the best to being the best possible package. But we both knew we were capable of brining an even meter package. So this time around we did a full 12 week prep, and we put in some work! Michelle really wanted redemption for her previous show, and wow she did that! I couldn't be any more happier with this girls dedication to giving it her all! And in the end, her hardwork paid off! It was my honor to be able to be inher corner! #PHZQINC #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach #prepcoach #bikiniposingcoach

#mondaymotivation with @physiqueinc prep athletes, @perfectposing posing athlete, power couple @danii_drew_fitness Danielle and andrew, who competed this past weekend at the @musclecontest NPC IRON GAMES. These 2 put so much of themselves not only on their own preps, but also made sure they supported each other's prep to be on point, so they could enjoy their first experience as a couple competing together. I couldn't have asked more of them, and they gave me and themselves their all! And I must say they both owned the stage! I am humbled and blessed to have been able to help and guide them on this awesome journey! This is only the beginning for them, I know great things are in their future! Proud of you two! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach #prepcoach #PHZQINC

#Mondaymotivation, I want to congratulate @physiqueinc prep athlete, @perfectposing posing athlete #mensphysique competitor @sevsworld_com for doing an amazing job this past weekend at the @musclecontest NPC IRON GAMES! Came home with some hardware: 2nd place masters 35+ Class B, and 3rd place unlimited Class C. I have to give credit to my boy sevan, and his coach @stanthemanmcquay they made huge improvements to his physique in Sevan's off season and Sevan also put hours of practice to make sure his posing is above his last competition, and he did that! Proud of you bro, BUT WERE NOT DONE YET! #perfectposingbyphysiqueinc #posingcoach #mensphysiqueposing #PHZQINC

#mondaymotivation is always first and foremost to motivate MYSELF. In order to motivate others, you need to start with genuinely being able to motivate your own damn self. I am more motivated than ever to make the most out of this #operationgetbigmrcshadows #offseason for the road to my #ClassicPhysique 2018 competitive season. They always say you need to eat big and lift big, to get big! And I'm trying my hardest! Still currently 163-165 but I hover more on the 165 side. So far 15 lbs gained, 10 more to go. Slowly gaining weight, and size and strength. First time doing 4 plates a side for the incline hammer strength. I'll might not be the strongest but I assure you I work my ass off, and always bring the intensity. Intensity is the name of the game! @physiqueinc style! #PHZQINC #GETBIG #ClassicBodybuilding
-🎥: @ltaylr aka young gun

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