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I'm MrCools Boss. 😎  As a happy amateur photographer, I will now see how many followers I can build up and then see if you can make money on your amateur pictures.

Anyone who will explore the mountain peaks? If so - KEEP YOU LIFE COOL and THE PICs HOT!!! 🖐 😎 🖐

Let's kick off this weekend with one big BOOM-SHAKALAKA!!! Finally! I’m back. Ski in an incredible fine scenery that is Austria.

Today, I achieved 1000 new followers in a week, not to bad. My tactics have been to follow others in hopes of getting more people to followed me. I got to follow 5450 to get 1000 new followers. Not effective. But a easy way to get followers. Have you suggestion how to get more followers, please feel free to write it in the comments. Thanks to all followers.
The picture is taken with the Panasonic Lumix GF3 with 35mm CCTV lens.

KA...BOOM. And he is back, with another sunset. #iphone #sunset #sea #summer #nofilter #colours #sky #mrcoolsboss #cool #sunset_stream

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