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I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose, because settling is the worst feeling in the world. #KodakKickback

We will never forget.
Where were you that September day?

You're a diamond, shining. No silver in the lining. 💎 Personally one of my favorite photos I've taken. Check link in bio for more pictures I took from this session. Honored to have assisted a shoot with @authenticphotosanddesigns last month.
Hair & Makeup: @heylee.e Designer: @anyoldiron
Model: @lindsaycarvermusic

Meet @josemostajo, a pretty dope dude from Peru. Over his lifetime he has crafted his skills; singing boy band music, the art of street photography and superhuman vision to spot women from miles away. Always down for an adventure from abandoned baseball fields in the city to sunsets at waterfalls. I enjoy all the moments he has captured and shared on Instagram, along with the jokes and tales he tells in person. A good guy to hang with and crack open a few beers. A little older than me, but still young at heart. You might have to explain trendy vocabulary to him, examples like lit & fam. View his colorful moody photos on the Instagram, hear past performances on YouTube, and ladies he's got a Bumble! 😏❤️🐝 #singleandreadytomingle

We made it! 🌴🌊 Photo Credit: @kaitlynn201294

In true American fashion 👁❤️🇺🇸

The boys are back in town.

Recently had the honor shooting pictures for @tracecyrus. You may know of him from Metro Station, but he has released some killer new solo stuff! You gotta listen to "Lights Out" & "Don't Belong Together" just a few singles out now with more coming soon!! Trace also has added new clothing to his "Southern Made Hollywood Paid" collection. He's got a couple of deals on his site now, check them out! Want to see more from our shoots? As always, link in bio!

Shot with @alecbailey last weekend, pretty cool dude. He made his start on Vine a few years back, pursuing towards a country music career. Since then he has moved from North Carolina to Nashville with a couple deals lined up. I wish you all the best sir, checkout his page for some covers. Link in bio to see more pictures from our shoot.
Also I am planning on doing more photo shoots this year. If you want to book a session with me, send me an email or DM.

When You Were Young

I treat everyone equally until someone I love or myself are treated poorly. I have lots of love to give, if you treat me with respect, you will receive it back.
There are a few people that don't understand my method of dealing with difficult individuals, let me explain: My method is fairly simple much like baseball; 3 strikes & you're out. Some may think this is harsh, but this is my life that is being affected. Yes, I believe people can change, but you only have 3 chances to prove yourself to me. If you fail, you are cut from my life. I am sorry to be blunt, but honestly I don't want to deal with the mess. So if you ever have wondered why I may not associate myself with a specific person, there IS a reason behind it. I want to clarify I do have patience & can take a joke. I just wanted to voice a few of my opinions:
Respect: we all have our differences, but you have the ability to control yourself & be respectful to people. I have dealt with many terribly uncomfortable situations. The world is a crazy place, but we can make it better by treating people with kindness & respect. Although if someone disrespects you or a loved one, I completely understand why you may distance yourself.
Openness & privacy: I want to be approachable & accept new people into my life. Although if I confide myself in you, don't take it lightly. I am trusting you with ME. Not every tale of mine needs to be shared; a one-on-one experience, a casual talk or even a simple Snapchat.
Time: is a gift to me, please don't make me waste it. I don't enjoy changing plans & waiting on your late arrival or response. I completely understand if you've made plans or uninterested, just don't continue to drag me along & keep my hopes up. If you're my friend, you can be straight up with me. I always try to give an honest answer, even if it may be difficult to say.
I want you all to live your life & be happy, strive everyday to be a better person & impact this world in a positive way. Even for the ones I don't always agree with or for the few people I no longer want to contact. I only hope you can open your mind & realize; your thoughts & actions affect people. Sorry for my late night rant.

@instagram, you have truly changed my life. Over the course of 5 years Instagram has taught me to be more outspoken, creative and open minded. This app has given me amazing opportunities and the best of friends. I sometimes think... What would my life be like right now without Instagram? Probably pretty dull and low quality. But it's not at all! .
Since I downloaded you I have; made hundreds of new friends, weekends filled with campfires at the Airstream, thrown beads at Mardi Gras, ate many late night dinners at Waffle House, sang ever word at my favorite concerts, pulled the ultimate April Fools prank, shared my birthday with the coolest girls, flown over my hometown in a blimp, climbed to the best rooftop views, been gifted many leather boots, broken into countless deserted locations, watched my friends find love, weekly intoxicating Margarita Mondays, hosted over 30 inspiring InstaMeets, taken over a terabyte of pictures and so many stories I can share. Instagram, thank you for existing. You are a huge impact in my life, truly a blessing. .
Thinking about everyone I've met from Instagram thus far. If you can recall how we met simply just comment below. If not just tell me our earliest memory or a fun time we had together.

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