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Mr. Capone-E  Local minded people will never understand global minded goals.... music is Life

I been to almost every city in the world 🌎🌍🌏 name your city rep your town below ⬇️

Check second pic if u can’t guess where im at my favorite spot to eat #benihanas 🔥🔥 drop 🔥🔥🔥 if u like the food

When they don’t have the Cora for it but just chasing money they end up broke like a muth——king joke 😂 in my ice cube voice #HappySunday

Somebody please find her parents , she’s a lil kid and nobody takes this serious but this is the wrong way to chase a bag 💰 saying running shit shooters , someone please tag @Liltay and tell her acting silly is only gonna get her parents in the Mix u can’t be pimpin a underage please no threats to her but tell her parents need to talk to me we don’t wanna see playing with the streets and talking about shooters etc we need to teach these kids the right way or they gonna fall off money can’t buy u respect✅ respect is earn flexing and gettin money is good but don’t say negative shit rap game is a circus that’s why I’m sittin back and watching n tryin to teach if u been in that life stay away u don’t wanna walk in those shoes 🙏🏼 gonna make a request n Vlog on YouTube talk about it check it out and tag @liltay she’s the only one left that needs to get the message so we can move on to music 🙏🏼

I had to throw the blue jacket on if I’m sitting in the red lambo just had 2 😂😎 .. check out my live with @imwoahvicky she cleared her disrespect to OG #snoopDogg with me so people can here her say it on Live ... we gotta teach the young generation B4 it’s too late this fame Money n hype can lose a person soul .. u think I did the right thing comment below

With my investors they surprise me with a Lambo I told em I don’t really like rockin Red but I give it to my Lady .. 🙏🏼✅thx u 💯

This is not a hate on the Israeli people as I have many fans of different countries etc but the ordering of killing protestors with no weapons or military forces is a slap to man kind u know me I might be a hood fool but that don’t mean we don’t have principles listen full video on YouTube I ain’t gonna keep pushing this topic but what’s real is real when trump says build a wall I react when kids in Africa get no food I react when minorities get 3 strike laws I speak on it and I will speak on any unjust even daily hate n unjust done to me but this is for Palestine #freepalestine #palestinian #freegaza #nakba #RealLeaderSayWhatNeedsToBeSaidNotWhatYouWannaHear

#FreePalestine i ain’t Palestinian I know peeps gonna say dumb shit and I don’t like to get political and this is no way a diss to Israel or any people but we are watching genocide in the modern era nobody talks about how a country full of young people are getting killed for holding their flag high I can sit here and really break down all the war crimes done to the strong Palestine people but at the end of the day they live poor their in the Ghetto and nobody stands up for the Poor and hopeless most rappers entertainers ain’t gonna talk about this because 1 they will get blackball from mainstream but I can’t sit and not say nothing I don’t care if you from Puêrto rico Mexico Africa Palestine Vietnam Syria Cuba we All human and any shit I see that’s wrong I stand up even if it’s against the grain ..Dropping a song today for #Palestine I wanna shoot a video out there might be impossible but I’m out this way to try to make it happen I can’t sit and say nothing I b a lame to sit quiet might all have our own drama in our lives but their bigger drama around the world ... their a famous saying ... They try to Bury the Young but they didn’t know they Buried Seeds ✅ #freepalestine #palestine #palestinian #gaza #savetheYoung #mediaDontCareaboutThePoor #RichGetRicher #truthseekers

It might b years ago but I remember in the 90s with all the homies their mothers always had our back always cook meals made grubbed for us grab the pistos for us even if we wasn’t at age happy Mother’s Day💯also to any mother who had a young teenagers back sorry for the ones I had to give em the young D so I could play daddy lol love ya to 😂😂 ya loved a lil baldy #memories #tooAllTheMothers #BabyMommas #Milfs #MothersWhoJustPlayedMother LOL ✅

Mothers Day all week that’s how I look at it...To all the mothers around the world Ladies keep ya head up high🙏🏼✅ Tag a lady in your life #mothersday

The common equation for everyone out their is respect .. lot of internet trash talking , hating , trollin, fabrication , if u was raised with the right moral im Down with ya 👊🏻.. like my Dogg @snoopdogg would say still a G thang baby , keep the foundation strong and let’s all see success envy hate and attention seeking for the weak and if u new in the game get your fame and Money salute the youngins but it’s always stay solid 💯✅ 2 of America most wanted 2018 🎯

@imwoahvicky apologize she is young and admit to her mistake dissing people who grew up in the struggle as humans if anyone shows and admits wrong doing n spreading hate god says you must accept their apologize so please give her a chance as she is young we all did something wrong as youngster 1 wrong ain’t better then the next hopefully she will make sure to keep her stuff away from real OGs in the game .. we live in a entertainment era so let them do them but must abide by human respect towards each other ✅👊🏻

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