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Da Scaner 

“This was done in September 2009. Oben had painted that lay up and told me Stare and Scan did pieces down the same line. I never saw that one run, good thing I got to the yard before they buffed it. Notice how Scan forgot the C?!”

Very early “ScanOne” outline. I took this picture in 2006 on the Deux-Montagne line. Anyone can tell what year this was painted?

“Transit graffiti in Montreal reached its peak in 2009. Painted trains were rolling almost daily. While we were shooting our film, we caught a couple of Scan’s panels. His work remains some of the best stuff ever painted on our trains.”

Paris, 2011. With Adear NME
📷 @holidays_stane

"Je contacte un ami qui a des amis qui font des trains, et c'est parti pour une semaine de folie dans Paris (ligne A, B, C, D, PSL et paris Nord)... c'est un moment dont je me souviendrai toute ma vie. J'avais déjà chassé les tags de Scan et Sewk à Barcelone quelques années avant, j'étais plein d'admiration devant ses tags et throw-ups. Donc le rencontrer en France, c'était un moment de dingue!!!"
-Stane VMD @holidays_stane

"2011 Paris for Kosmopolite Festival
I meet Scane and others for a week of intense painting. Walls, trains, throw-ups, visiting the capital. I'm very impressed by his talent, his versatility in graffiti, his smile, his curiosity. I continue to watch his work, to get inspired by it, pushing my own lettering."
-Stane VMD

"2011 Paris pour le festival Kosmopolite, je rencontre Scan et d'autres pour une semaine de peinture très intense. Au programme: graffiti, trains, throw'up, et surtout visite de la capitale. Je suis très impressionné par son talent, sa polyvalence graffiti, son sourire, son aura, sa joie de vivre et sa curiosité. Je continue de regarder son travail, de m'en inspirer et ainsi pousser le travail des lettres..."
-Stan VMD

Thanks to @sewk_mtl for this month's pictures contribution.

Montreal, 2006

"Last week was the Style Discipline jam in Puerto Rico, which all started with Pun18 and Scan.
Scan had Pun in his thoughts a lot towards the end of his battle.
The legacy and relationships both of them left behind are poweful.
You guys live!

These are pictures from 2011 when we were over there with the whole ADM crew, as well as @zek156 and @senckcinq."

Montreal, 2006

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