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Salute to those Kings and Queens who bless people with knowledge with out trying to charge thousands of dollars.
I understand time is money, And yes if you’re doing coaching or spending valuable time with these individuals that is different.
Putting dropping a few jewels or pointing people in the right direction shouldn’t break these peoples pockets...
~Great Morning World~Let’s Be Great~
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There’s Money In The Land...

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In the early 1950s Walt Disney had an idea that would change the World. He wanted to open a theme park named Disney Land. He envisioned it as a place where he could merge his cartoon characters with rides and other family attractions.

The idea was ground breaking and expensive. Banks did not understand the concept and denied him loans, even though he was already a successful entrepreneur. After he failed to secure funding from banks, he took matters into his own hands and provided the financing himself. A large part of the funding came by way of him borrowing money from the cash value in his life insurance policy.

The life insurance loan helped get the project off the ground. In 1955 Disney Land opened, 16 years later Disney World opened, and the rest is history. Disney is not the only business to have borrowed life insurance money for funding. JC Penny and McDonald’s have similar stories.

Many people are not even aware that you can borrow money from a life insurance policy and use it while you’re still alive. It’s important to understand financial vehicles and how they work so you can utilize them for your own personal benefit. #earnyourleisure #HeresHow #LifeInsurance

Great Morning... It Is Time To JUMP, Once we realize that Success and Our Blessings are on the opposite side of Fear(False Evidence Appearing Real) That JUMP isn’t too scary. I LOVE YALL...

Keep Pushing By Any Means Necessary...

The Possibilities Are Endless When It Comes To Real Estate...😍

Didn’t have much to offer him at the time but A Dollar Bill With Coins, A bottled Water, Small Cup Of Chilli, This Bracelet and A Hug...How would God be able to bless me with HUGE blessings, if I’m holding on to “small” blessings...


Real Estate Can Be So Powerful If We Just Do It Like NIKE...
Just glad we got bit the bug now instead of never

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