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Ben Gray  My Life One Picture At A Time! My Wife @gunsandpetticoats_ , BMX, Photography, Film and Fabrication are ALL Big Parts Of My Life!

Took the wifey to see Stones trails. It's a blessing to have a wife that enjoys and appreciates a masterpiece such as these woods!

This lady. Is my whole world and more! If it wasn't for her keeping my head screwed on I think I would loose my mind. I really enjoy the fantastic times we share together out of peeping eyes from everybody else. We share something that no one else can copy/recreate/even imagine and I'm the luckiest man in the world. I don't feel I have to but I will prove how much of a positive role model I will be for our little girl. Despite what others may think! You are and always will be my girls! @_mrs_gray_1992_

My whole world and I!

Iv thought a lot today about the positives in my life and the future that I have yearned for is now only over the horizon. Some people want fancy cars and flash houses. Some people want to travel the world and never really settle down. All I want is to be able to say I made my little family the most proud of me. And that we had a fucking good time along the way! it's become clear to me that My gorgeous wife is making the most amazing mum already! I cannot wait to show nugget the amazing things myself and you do and the amazing things we have done and seen! I guess it's an excuse to do it all again! @_mrs_gray_1992_

This time next year I will be re creating this picture properly. I wish I could take @_mrs_gray_1992_ back there now! I cannot wait to show my littlen the wonderful things my parents showed me!

ANNNDD it's bank holiday weekend!! Love this kid! Going through pictures and found this beaut! @laylaamy1990 @_mrs_gray_1992_


Well looks like adam has been busy adding the finishing touches to our box cart. We may have gone a tad overboard with the fabrication. But still it should be a laugh. As long as we win. @adamr1990

Our dearest grace back in 2011. Teaching me how to haggle with the currency exchange geeza! I miss her dearly. #blackmarketcurrency. #kenya #kupendaafrica #uganda #rwanda #gorillatrip #gracekagwiria

My gorgeous wifey and beautiful nugget! I so can't wait to meet you nugs!

Getting the stealth game on! #blackedout #blackedoutrims #audi #gemanwhip #1.9tdi #slowasfook

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