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Andrew Morgan


I'm on the West Coast while my Valentine/best friend holds down the fort in Chicago. Marah, I think you're a real catch and I sure do miss you.

Russian lady has no potatoes.

Our son is transfixed by Jóhann Jóhannsson's Arrival score. A true honor, higher than even an Oscar nomination.

Christ, MyFitnessPal, I go on vacation and stop logging for 4 days and you drop this on my head? Passive aggressive much?

Also here's a hippo getting exfoliated by a bunch of fish.

We're delayed 2+ hours in Ft Lauderdale and grumpy, so here's a moose, buffalo, deer and a drunk bear with a raccoon on his head singing Davy Crockett. My family loves The Country Bears.

I'm never leaving.

Spotted in the kids section of a Target in Orlando. Right next to a "vintage" Lync shirt.

I barfed my brains out on the Family Circus ride.

Very nice dog at the protest tonight.