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Ayokunle Falomo  human. spends way too much time thinking about what that means. & sometimes, those thoughts become poems. my pen is a shovel. in, a shot from a movie, as in my life is a movie & I be fighting God for the Director role sometimes, as in he's still working on me. in "but there's _________ more work to be done", as in I'm a work in progress;

WORD OF THE YEAR // in shhh... take a deep breath, Ayo;

"Here, we are unafraid to show our scars... it's okay. We are not alone." - @gemineyes // By now, you already know that I'm one of 8 competing...TONIGHT!! & guess who the feature is. Well ya don't have to guess. It's Manuel Roberto Orduna Carretero himself. Whatever choice you make, don't let it be involve you missing all of this tonight. [And also, get ya tickets online instead of at the door.]

I was told a poem is a seed. So I praise what is still growing. - @cabbythepoet // As you might already know, I'm one of 8 competing tomorrow & this ball of light is going to be hosting. Don't miss it. Tickets here: (Get them now. Gonna be more at the door)

Come support your boy. I'm competing against 7 other talented poets on Wednesday. Gonna be 🔥🔥🔥 Come thru [& btw, it's much cheaper to get your tickets online instead of waiting to get it @ the door]

A throwback to January when I recorded the interview + poem that was shared on Monday via @houstonpubmedia as part of their #VoicesAndVerses series for #NationalPoetryMonth. Link still in my bio to listen.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Poem as shared yesterday on @houstonpubmedia as part of their #VoicesAndVerses series for #NationalPoetryMonth. Link in bio to hear me read & talk about it & other things re: poetry.

As shared on @houstonpubmedia for their #VoicesAndVerses series for #NationalPoetryMonth. Link in bio to hear me read the poem which I wrote on #MLKDay as a reflection on him/#KenSaroWiwa, a Nigerian environmental activist who was hanged in 1995 and also, on the power of the voice. I share a little bit too of what I believe accurately captures my poetics.

This is my love language y'all. Like Jay Z said "if you love me baby, this is how you let me know." Shout out to all my friends who by doing this let me know I'm loved. // Thanks to @wanpoetry for sharing this via Litter, their "twitterary magazine."

last night with @tankandthebangas // cos 🎶 it's the rhythm of life, when you're humming and singing all the words that you don't know🎵

life: birth. death. issa cycle.

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