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Ayokunle Falomo  human. spends way too much time thinking about what that means. & sometimes, those thoughts become poems. my pen is a shovel.


hi, (from) Lafayette // #kinDREADBookTourToo

all light // when I say kin.DREAD is a memoir, what I mean is my life is a book // let us open to pg. 25 of #kinDREADBook and we might find something like "when it comes to my journey with poetry especially in Houston, Houston VIP Slam (@houstonvipslam) provided the soil for my first few seeds, and Write About Now (@wanpoetry)...watered them" // so, yeah. full circle. Allowing me to feature tonight was a dream. A special night it was indeed. Thank you 🙏🏻 // tomorrow, the #kinDREADBookTourToo heads your way, Lafayette. // original 📸: @brownpoem.

hi. me. poems. words. emotions and feels. feature - @houstonvipslam at @brasilhouston. workshop 7pm. slam 8pm. $5. yes? yes! good.

Linda, honey...

Stop by @brasilhouston this Saturday. I'm gonna be partying it up with my @houstonvipslam family. Oooh, there's gonna be a lotta words. Something something. Pew pew. // #kinDREADBookTourToo

A flashback because it is always important for me to reflect on the fact that whatever it is that I am (and honestly, that anyone of us is) now always has a trail one can trace back to a distant or near past that is miles long with indelible footprints of those who came before.

These two, by all standards, are forces to be reckoned with in their respective creative fields. It's not lost on me that in 2015, I could casually ask them to be a part of the signing for my first book - #threadtwm - and they said yes.
And now, it's 2017. And here we are again. And the significance of it still isn't lost on me.

I'm sure you both wondered why I wanted a picture of the both of you after the @stationmuseum event on Monday. Well, this is why. Thank you!!!

The way I'm proud of this here kid, you'd think he's one of my younger brothers or something.
Xach, in a matter of a year, I've seen you turn the stage into an altar and boy did you sacrifice your tongue again and again. The sharp of it did not cut us unless it was necessary. Mouth a canal, each drop of blood and spit did not overwhelm us but instead got us safe, time and time again to our destination. We experienced every turn you took us through and did not spill. Your laughter a testament, your smile a holy so unmistakable - how you choose to be a perpetual summer despite the frostbite that tries to bury your alive. How fortunate are we to watch you shine still. The summer is not yet over. And this is how we know to not fear that whatever it is that'll forever lay claim to your breath will soon yell lights out.

Happy belated birthday bro. I hope your day was just as bright as you are. Carpe the heck outta the diem. We're all ready for your ascent.

And what is a black body... / 📸: @fancycapitalist // bc this #BlackPoetryDay, my voice too refuses to sit at the back of the bus.

This woman right here!!! We did that, Rebecca. & Again. I'm incredibly honored to have partnered with you on this project. Thank you, @stationmuseum for believing in our vision. I've been privileged to be a part of quite a few incredible things in my creative career so far, and this takes the cake!!! I'll remember this one for a long time.

Tonight. 7pm @
Station Museum - 1502 Alabama St.

This is how we resist. Still.

This weekend was 💯. Thank you @texasgrandslam!

Summary of our friendship right here. I may or may not have said something in the line of touch me & you'll die. And of course, he still attempts it cos even though he fears his own awesomeness, he doesn't fear death. Happy birthday to the literal werst human trash panda/saltiest margarita sphincter I know this side of the Atlantic. Enjoy your 29 man! Super proud to see you live up to yourself, esp as of recent.
Iconic moment captured by @brownpoem.

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