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gray washburn  I've got all things good. I've got this. This is good. Here, you can have it.

Ready for this GIANT meal!

🛫🛬➡️☕️ some things just can’t wait

Was white the best choice for barbecue? Probably not

Not pictured: Macklemore, Kesha, and a a big ass bag of popcorn

What gets me jazzed these days? New plants, getting a Costco membership, getting married, cleaning my car, being in bed before 10. I don’t feel like an adult but I’m definitely acting like one. I’m obsessed with our new snake plant and planter!

I don’t just have the best dad. I have the best dads. Happy Father’s Day!! #humblebrag #twodadswag

If you haven’t played tactical laser tag, you need to reprioritize your weekend #team2chix1dick

After a year of planning and waiting patiently I finally got to marry the person who makes me feel whole. She’s possibly the only person who understands how weird I am and is potentially weirder (depends who you ask). She’s always there when I need her and she loves me unconditionally. I don’t want to live a life without her and now I don’t have to. Now I finally get to say, nay, shout, “THATS MY WIFE!!” #ttmab #foryoutheworld #thefrickinwashburns

Breakfast of champions! Researching... always researching. 💪🇲🇴

Research and development. Mostly research. Always researching. #kouignamann

Even at the end of winter @prairiebirthdayfarm is still filled with beauty! Excited to see all the wedding decor come together!

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