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Couple a' buds.

Asian dude with dreads bandana combo and the Canadian tuxedo. Don't see that one everyday. Although you should. Keep on rocking in the free world my bro. 🤘🏼


Well I am a little sore..

I've always been a bad boy. 😎Happy Holidays to all.

Imported some of Canada's finest. #🇨🇦

When you kinda wanna work out.

Halloween 7th grade, the year 2000. Dressed up as a fat person to school. Looking back it's a pretty fucked up thing to do and would probably get you kicked out of school these days. But I was stoked on Bam and cky videos. Also I'm guessing Eminem judging from my sick ass hair. My shortys hoodie. Classic. And last but not least the thing that really ties this look together, you guessed it. The Osiris D3. A staple of it's time.

👋 bud


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