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Reason  City’s Finest Stangz StangHub 6-5-09 ❤️

Shelby GT500 hype train! Not a 2020 or a real one, but one I can afford 😂

#taillighttuesday #tlt Want to thank @49erdriven for throwing an awesome show and for giving back to CSULB. Also thanks for this beautiful shot! Follow the Squad____📲📲🐎@citysfineststangz | @victor_vroom_ | @mannys_5.0 | @15_stud | @callme_orlando |@bc_s550 | @enriqueg_s550 |@cmo1912 | @apex.s550_ | @chrisgc3 | @bananafonez | @1racereds550 | @5.0equinox | @smileyiz | @mr_reason |@s550_chrismg | @martymcslow | @elluminatti |

Got tagged by @lalongboarder1 for a little #frontandbackchallenge so I’ll take the time to show the new additions! @aprperformance front splitter and some back and side louvers! Huge thanks to @headturnerscarclub for hooking it up on the front splitter! Hit him up for some great deals, he works with a lot of companies. Huge huge thanks to @s550_chrismg for letting me know about the louvers combo. And a huge huge huge thank you to @enriqueg_s550 the master mechanic himself for the installs! Honestly without him none of these installs would of happened so make sure to give him a follow and check out his YouTube! Install vid coming soon! 🙏🙏🙏 Follow the Squad____📲📲🐎@citysfineststangz | @victor_vroom_ | @mannys_5.0 | @15_stud | @callme_orlando |@bc_s550 | @enriqueg_s550 |@cmo1912 | @apex.s550_ | @chrisgc3 | @bananafonez | @1racereds550 | @5.0equinox | @smileyiz | @mr_reason |@s550_chrismg |@martymcslow | @elluminatti |

Well definitely a rollercoaster of emotions I just woke up to, on one hand there’s a Pikachu detective movie coming out starring Deadpool as Pikachu xD but on the other I hear about the passing of the great Stan Lee. May he R.I.P. I’m just glad I got a chance to hear him talk and see just how passionate he was about his craft. Excelsior!

Going down Nov 17th, @49erdriven will be hosting their 2nd annual charity car show at CSULB. Register through their page and make sure to bring donations that help out the ASI Beach Pantry! Definitely gonna do my part to give back to my school and help out those that really need it! See you guys there!

Some walmart finds today in Corona! #hotwheels #hotwheelscollector

Two great events for tomorrow Swipe! @stanghub @theponyaddicts and @iconcomposites will be hosting a cars and coffee followed by a cruise. And also @hb.carguy will be hosting his birthday cruise! Also I am not an event organizer or host for any type of show or event. Just an enthusiast who posts events or shows that I find out about, sorry for any confusion.

Had a pretty shitty Friday, but nothing a little drive and some beautiful tunnel music couldn’t cure 🎶 #corsaexhaust

Going down this Saturday! Come join the @sinister_society for their end of summer beach bonfire. Support your local mustang gals!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! #hotwheelscollector #hotwheels

Hosted by @hb.carguy let’s start that Labor Day weekend off right!

See you guys in a few! Hosted by @socalmustangs

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