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  P. U. S. H. 4life

For the love of fitness. I'll always respect this woman because as much as she loves fitness she's loves living her life. She has shown me that the struggle is real but if you push yourself through it you can get to it. So with that being said I salute you my sister with much love and respect. Your a true motivation for those of us that think that we can't do it. Thank you. Your the truth Lil one. I appreciate you. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness #pulltight

I always say that if you stop looking behind you you'll see that there's so much more promise ahead. Now we may not be perfect but we're striving and now we know how to get to where we're trying to go. One step at a time. Let's go sis. Great work. Keep up the great work and let's look forward to the next time. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness

As I say and I say again when you program your mind and body you can achieve anything. I am so proud of these ladies and I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your goals. Thank you and congratulations on fighting your fears and facing them head on. Just the beginning. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness #pulltight #keepinGod1st🙏🏾

The struggles of life are very real. There are no real guarantees in the life and the only real promise is death. The time will come for us all. I'm not saying that working out will make you live forever, because when God makes his call we'll all have to leave. All that I'm saying is while I'm on the earth I want to live my life with healthy intensions. That's why I P.U.S.H4LIFE. JOIN ME MY FAMILY.LEVELZ FITNESS

LEVELZ FITNESS I'm super excited about life and I'm ready to show the world. Good morning family remember always P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness on the rise. #keepinGod1st🙏🏾

So many people are at war with the body. That does you absolutely no good when the Mind controls the body. Think it. Then believe it and you will achieve it. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness

Take it personal everyday P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness on the rise

And then there was cardio P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness #pulltight #underconstruction #keepingod1st

Make your workouts matter. Nutrition is the key everything else is a plus. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness on the rise #pulltight #underconstruction #keepingod1st🙏

Yes we're fasted cardio and intermittent fasting for extreme cutting let's go. Dieting is everything weight training and cardio is the icing on the cake. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness on the rise #pulltight #keepingod1st #underconstruction

Well I guess you can see I'm still eating my breakfast with fasted cardio. Had to give up the rights to the car when this Turkey came in demanding that she gets her cardio in. How can I refuse. I'll finish up later. 30 minutes down and 50 left. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness on the rise #pulltight #keepinGod1st #underconstruction #shedding

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