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Yes yes. This is the point where you know that you have made the right choice. Here at LEVELZ there’s absolutely no big I’s and little U’s we all get the chance to put that real work in. No holds barred great work this morning Sis. @cocokay_1 P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ #pulltight

These two tag teamed that thing this morning and made the difference. I love it when a plan comes together. Great work as always ladies. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ fitness @shaunda_pls @thelookbyneen

Just a lil wake up call from the tag team putting that double HIIT work in this morning. Great work ladies. @thelookbyneen @ladyjlark LEVELZ FITNESS P. U. S. H4life #pulltight

Just looking at my final call and thanking God daily for this special gift. @joiqueen1 my Babyhgirl Jayda (Booba)

LEVELZ fitness wait for her she’s on another mission and I’m seeing some strong changes in every area of her journey. I’m excited to see the finishing results. Keep up the phenomenal work Mama. Go!! #pulltight P. U. S. H4life #transformation #keepingod1st @msarj07

LEVELZ fitness on the strength of full conditioning and maximum fitness I always say, why not? So with that being said we go with endless reps and zero understanding so that there’s absolutely no miss understanding on what we’re doing. The muscles get the full effect. Development isn’t an option. Great work this morning Lil Bruh. Young savage is back. P. U. S. H4life @_lil_pitbull #pulltight #underconstion #keepingod1st🙏

LEVELZ fitness sometimes you have to just HIIT and call it. But trust me when I tell you that the right combinations always keep it fresh and new on the muscles. So I say to the muscles. Stay confused and grow. Lol. P. U. S. H4life Great work this morning Lil Sis. 5am is when you know that it’s serious. @ladyjlark #pulltight #underconstruction #fitchick #keepingod1st🙏

LEVELZ fitness yes indeed all you need is the will to do and the want and I will take it from there. It’s all love here at the P. U. S. H factory every one gets a fresh start and that ultimate team spirit that makes you feel like anything’s possible. Way to kill it sis. I always love it when you walk in because I know that no matter what I say your gonna hate it and do it anyway. Lol. Awesome. @victorious_voices #underconstruction #pulltight #keepingod1st🙏

LEVELZ FITNESS No it absolutely don’t stop in here. Bringing it with consistency is how you obtain you results and that’s where you’ll find you goals to be met. Let’s go my people. P. U. S. H4life @thelookbyneen #pulltight #snatched #underconstruction #keepingod1st🙏

Yes yes yes it went down strong this morning always a hellava session with this one. Great work this morning sis. P. U. S. H4life LEVELZ FITNESS @ladyjlark #forcedreps #motivation #pulltight #keepingod1st🙏

When I tell you this will give you life. That ole faithful. Lol P. U. S. H4life

Hey when you just love leg day and you want something a lil different and still hit every muscle group. Play fair with it and get it right. Great work Lil Sis thanks for the smash this morning. @driven_by_faithj @LEVELZ fitness P. U. S. H4life #ontherise

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