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Michael Perry  ✌🏼️🇬🇷New Plant Developer, @ThisMorning Gardener, Guest Host @HSN, Speaker, Model, Innovator, Exciter, Digital Nomad. 🏡: 🌎

Utah on a Saturday.

Post-storm skies over Manhattan.

Giving clothes hope.

My OUT OF OFFICE is officially on, and I'm having my first vacation since I moved to freelance! HAPPY FRIDAY 🌴⛱

The developing seedpod of a Lotus flower.

Blechnum definitely gets the award for 'Sexiest Fern'.

Not all Begonias are what you expect them to be.

One of my favourite flowers: Hibiscus schizopetalus 🌺

New York flower shop.

New York weather is usually on a par with English, in all honesty!

My 'country urban' shoot with was truly awesome- Caroline captured exactly the essence I was looking for. Thank you to @shrublandparknurseries for the Plant-soaked location, and I'm modelling @ekskwizit_fashion Norwich Lanes T by @owenmathers at @workingtitleclothing 🙋🏽‍♂️

The Victoria amazonica is the Giant Water Lily, legend has it these giant leaves can hold the weight of a newborn baby.

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