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Mr King Mekar vinayak 🔙🔚🔪👈  #Excuse#Me I😍Found some things under My Shoes👞On Its My💕Attitude #🎂Wish Me On18 June🎂#My Dreams 🎵❤Music#🎧& #Photography📷 Lovers.#.💖& Brands💪

People like me great. People don’t like me great. As long as I like myself that all that matters..❣✌✌

Today's Enjoys...🤩😘✌🤘

हम वो नहीं जो दुनिया को सलाम करे, हम वो हिअ जिसे दुनिया सलाम करती है.👑😎❣🤘✌

A positive attitude can really make dreams come true.😍❣✌


Todays Badhaai Ho Movie See At PVR Invor bit Mall Pune 😍😎✌

शेर के पाँव में अगर काँटा चुभ जाए,., तो उसका ये मतलब नहीं की अब कुत्ते राज करेंगे.,.!!!😘😍✌

Only Boys -2 Song 😍💝♥️😘✌

With My Nep Hew 😍😍✌❣👑King is Back👑 👈

Shivjwala Mitra Mandal ♥️😍✌


#COMING Soon 😍

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