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21yrs, 3months, 12days, and 13hrs later I’m still 😡 #BloodShed #COC #UwasntThere #ImornDifferent #WhatCouldaBeen ..thx @sencity730

My homie @luvcaliluv killed the #fleebok2s the Dipset @stancesocks and da Killa T-shirt (available on 😍😍

My mom @virgie_og made me stop what I was doing and bring this 3LW Plaque to her. Have to go to her page to see da whole story🙄.. but did she just say “Fuckm” in da background?! 😂

Pray for me y’all 🙏🏾..😂 nh #EatDickAndDie 😳

Ok.. a lot of females were upset we didn’t have their size..or sold out quickly. So we restocked sizes 4,5,6 on hurry up and order. They will be gone by 2mr. @dipsetusa1997

When tx’n ya friends and they in different sets. And u get confused cause u neutrel🤭 @jimsworld2 @mr_nycha_wp 👌🏽👍🏾

Me and @stancesocks back at it.. nx month.. @djalbie

When u pissy drunk in da club.. and finally see da girl u wanna take down 🤪

This happened to me, except my mom (@virgie_og ) said “girl stop faking” 😑🤦🏽‍♂️

Thx @reebokclassics and @theofficialai3 for this collab. #Flee4’s are by far my favorite. 😍🔥🔥 coming this fall 😬

10% off all hats. Use the code diphat10. At @dipsetusa1997

When u get out the pool this summer.. stay drippin.. 💧💧 available for order now at @dipsetusa1997

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