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4 Aussies We Love  Is it HI or HEY? This is about 4 Aussies that saved our lives❤️

I know that I will do this.
Sorry guys we haven't posted in a little. 💕Aussie #2 ✌️😁💕

heeeeey guys.
How are you guys?!
⭐Aussie #3⭐

Sorry i havent posted in 6 days. Ive been really busy... yhea. ✨Aussie #3✨

I GOT TICKETS!!!!!!! 💝Aussie #1💝

No Ashton stop it.

Ashton's face. I love this to much 💘Aussie #1💘

I found this a while ago and couldn't stop laughing😂😝 💕Aussie #2💕✌️😁

I love you guys! Sorry I never post 😭 💘Aussie #1💘

I had the weirdest dream but it was also cool and it seemed so real, it was about Luke. was THE BEST DREAM EVER 💕Aussie #2💕✌️😝

What did you guys think of the amnesia video?💘Aussie#1💘

I don't understand why Luke has to do this to everybody. Like how the hell are we going to survive any longer.😭😂 💕Aussie #2💕

🎶Best time to wear a striped sweater is ALLL the time🎶 😂

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