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mr6_foot_5  Gucci® Clothing Number 1 Supporter, Business Owner, Traveler, Leader, Not A Follower, I Only Follow God Born In NYC🗽living in the city of 〽️emphis Tn

Love Live Life & Take Frequent Flights ✈️

🚫Public Service Announcement🚫 To Anyone Got Anything Negative To Speak On Me

Some Notice & Some Know This. #Gucci

Gucci Bengal Polo!!!🐯🐯 On a side note, Parents should instill core values of honesty, integrity and hardwork in their kids, stressing that they don't need to scam or hurt anyone to make a decent living, earn their income legitimately so they don't turn out to become social miscreants in diaspora causing nuisance on social media


Drop The Top Throw The Gucci Frames 🕶 On & Enjoy The Humidity Of Life.

My Life Consist Of Happiness & Joy & Staying As Far Away From Negative Spirits 💯

If you want to have money in life, don't laugh at jokes about rich people made by people who don't have money, you will all end up a joke 💯


Don't let People know too much about you, The less you reveal, the more they can wonder.
Next trip : New York City, NYC
is One Of the most beautiful cities in America! Can't wait.

I'm Living Life Fuck What Any Hater Gotta Say Shout Out To @Gucci
For My Attire

When u have a good life, they will speak ill about it like it's not what they have been praying n working hard for 😂😂😂. Today's Saturday Money Motivation is: They will center to bring you down when they can't level up, Keep getting that money, live that life and make sure to take pictures and tell them fuck them, even tho they already know fuck them, tell them once again and this time with a middle finger🖕🏿 and a chuckle 😂

Winners Stand Alone 💯
Shout Out To @gucci For My Attire @off____white & @nike Air Jordan Also On The Colab On My Shoes


Just Mobbing

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