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ᛚᛁᚾᚲ Michael Ogden  6'7" nationally qualified Strongman Team Dagger Sponsored by Atascavapes University of Houston PT . Snap mr0gden

First part of my shoulder Piece by @osi_cruz thank you so much for the amazing work, if you’re in the Houston area please go check Him out the Circus Muse Tattoo studio 1502 1st St E, Humble, TX 77338

Happy Valentine’s Day @keke_palms_

Getting used to pulling at a 18inch height for beast of the bluegrass in April, pulled 675 for a light triple, Beyoncé was playing in my headphones for optimal glute gains...
Then my girlfriend @keke_palms_
decides she’s going to pull 315 for the first time and does it for three after working up with sets of 5 at 275 and 225

Thank you @atascavapes for all your support in my strongman endeavors looking forward to testing myself at this platinum plus event @stone_strongman @bear_the_strongman @doublebitilidie @paul_titan @lolife35
#strongman #startingstrongman #deadlift #powerlifting #startingstrength #atascavapes #teamdagger


Falling in love with dogs at the animal shelter today this pit bull was such a good boy and just wanted to play and love on everybody

How to pick up girls at the gym @keke_palms_ #strongman #girlswholift #teamdagger @stone_strongman @doublebitilidie @lolife35 @bear_the_strongman thank you @atascavapes for sponsoring me in my strongman journey, check them out for the best vape supplies in Houston

Visiting my mom in Chattanooga TN for Christmas so I had to wear my green shirt to go with the red 45s at this Golds good seeing my friend @bragonmylord.fit #christmastree #christmas #teamdagger #strongman #deadlift @stone_strongman @doublebitilidie @bear_the_strongman @lolife35

Ho ho ho it’s Christmas time motherf***er @lilsha08 @jrb_220 @anelynarvais @rileyjmvaughan

Just flipping a tire that weighs about 1500lbs come out to @plaehouston #plaehouston to see the strongest security in Houston @stone_strongman @doublebitilidie @lolife35 @divine.goods #teamdagger #strongman

Them Texas boys out here representing at #strongmannationals it was my first one I️ did okay finished about middle of my class after only training strongman since late July I’ll be back next year
Thank you @atascavapes for getting me here this is only the beginning #strongmancorporation #startingstrongman great way to spend my first time ever in Vegas

Frame deadlift at my first nationals after training strongman for less than four months thank you @Atascavapes for getting me here the road is only up from here. If you’re in the Houston area check out Atascavapes for all your e cig and vaping needs congrats to my brother @berserkerlifter for earning his Pro Card it’s well deserved sir.
@stone_strongman @doublebitilidie @lolife35 @bear_the_strongman @paul_titan #teamdagger #strongmannationals #startingstrongman

Yokeing at nationals with 840 on my back thank you so much @atascavapes getting us here #teamdagger @stone_strongman #strongmannationals #nasnationals #startingstrongman #strongman come see the strongest securty in Houston @plaehouston #plaehouston

I found a horse that is actually my size at #renfest thank you so much to #Atascavapes for sponsoring my trip to nationals this strongman journey I’m on is going to be a long one and I’m blessed to have your help along the way. If you’re in the Houston area and need a vape come out to Atascavapes @ 7156 atascocita road, humble TX 77346
@atascavapes @stone_strongman @lolife35 @bear_the_strongman @doublebitilidie #teamdagger #strongman @plaehouston #PLAEHouston

When your jam comes on at #texasrenaissancefestival @stone_strongman @bear_the_strongman @doublebitilidie @lolife35 @paul_titan come see the strongest security team in Houston at @plaehouston #plaehouston #strongman

Come support Breast cancer research at #atascavapes by donating 10$ you’ll get to take a chunk of hair

Thank you @atascavapes for sponsoring my trip to nationals #strongman #teamdagger @stone_strongman @bear_the_strongman @doublebitilidie @paul_titan @lolife35 come see the strongest security in Houston at @plaehouston tonight #plaehouston

Drinking pre from the skulls of my enemies, #teamdagger #strongman #startingstrongman thank you to my title sponsor #atascavapes @atascavapes for helping me make it to nationals for the first time ever within 5 months of starting strongman. Come out to @plaehouston and see the strongest security in town this Friday and Saturday. Cause problems if you want to become another drinking vessel @doublebitilidie @stone_strongman @lolife35 @paul_titan @bear_the_strongman #plaehouston

How to get good at yoking: always think you’re going slow as fuck #strongman #startingstrongman #teamdagger #atascavapes @stone_strongman @bear_the_strongman @doublebitilidie @lolife35 @paul_titan come see the strongest security in Houston @plaehouston #plaehouston

Pulling some weight on axle deadlift at USS muscle beach classic in Galveston last weekend on 2 hours of sleep and no fuel #theofficegym #strongman @atascavapes @stone_strongman @bear_the_strongman @paul_titan @lolife35 @doublebitilidie come see the strongest bouncers in Texas at #plaehouston this Friday and Saturday @plaehouston

Log clean and press for reps trying to get more fluid with my clean so I save more energy for the press, thank you @atascavapes for being my title sponsor trying to get ready for nationals, come out and see the strongest security team in Houston @plaehouston this Friday and Saturday #teamdagger #startingstrongman #atascavapes #plaehouston #strongman @stone_strongman @doublebitilidie @lolife35 @paul_titan @bear_the_strongman

With my brothers at muscle beach strongman classic in Galveston last Saturday #teamdagger #strongman @stone_strongman @bear_the_strongman @doublebitilidie @lolife35 @paul_titan

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