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Shit man. Last night was the literal equivalent of 'If you love something hard enough, and work your ass off, you can achieve damn near anything.' Seriously one of the most inspirational shows I've been to. @planetbooty was just wonderful. I needed a good ass shaking to start things off.
@twrpband was just a JOY. My first TWRP show and I'm forever a fan. Wonderful show, awesome music, and just a damn fun time. And holy rocking FUCK @ninjasexparty was everything and more. I've never flipped off someone more and felt so proud. Every song you could just feel the love and appreciation these guys have for what they get to do. It was just perfect dudes. Just perfect.

A couple a sunsets from vacation up in Cape Cod. It doesn't get any better than that.

What's that? Yet another musical theatre post? It's almost as if that's all I ever post on here. Same kit, same cymbals, near same set up with various toys generally in the same ish area. GOD DAMNED CONTENT. THAT'S WHAT IT IS.
Playing Shrek The Musical. Heck ya.
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Playing 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' this week! Shows this Friday through Sunday at the Barn Theatre in Montville. Come check it out!! Gonna be a good show.
Edit: there's a splash up there. Totally forgot. Can't have Dixie land music without a splash.
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As a professional drummer/percussionist, I think agonizingly long and hard over my set ups for each show I do. What fits best where, what position the toms should go, cymbals I should use, attachments, toys. This stuff keeps me up for hours. It's the life.

Doing a percussion clinic for children tonight with my mom and she wants me to show off some double bass and metal chops. I brought the small kit along. Nothing too fancy really.
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It's been awhile since I've played mallet things. An entire year of not really playing this instrument sure has payed off <3 as in, look how just.... Wonderful that technique is. Ahh well. Gig tomorrow. Playing some mallets. This should be fun. Hopefully. Also, I remember the days when Instagram would actually let you scroll through your videos and let you trim and present as you please. Those were the days <\3

Playing a fun lil R&B gig tonight. Always a pleasure to play my nice Lil @yamahadrumsofficial stage custom bop kit, and my beautiful @zildjiancompany pies. Got @spinbal on all my stands too. Need a little show to go with the gig. Lil spinning fun. And borrowing my dad's beautiful Corian @ford_drums snare. This thing POPS oh man. Also using my favorite @drumdots and always a plethora of @vicfirth sticks. Best of the best all around.

S S S S S S S S S S S SEX!!! @66samus I finally got bored enough so this is gonna be happening eventually. You and your dumb Tom fills.
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DOUBLE BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. God damnit @marioduplantier this crap just goes on forever and ever. It never ends. Endurance for days.
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If I'm gonna practice @gojiraofficial tunes and pretend I'm even a tenth as good as @marioduplantier, I need to bust out the mega bell ride. There's no other way to play Gojira. You just can't if you don't have one of these. Just doesn't sound proper.

Eyyyyy brand new toys! Suuuuuuper pumped to try this out. Been hearing nothing but fantastic reviews about this lil combo. Maybe now I can kinda record some things!!
@yamahadrumsofficial, I'm excited!

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