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This place is gorgeous, looks gorgeous, sounds gorgeous, it's all gorgeous. Definitely a dream gig I never knew I wanted to be apart of. @westminsterchoircollege is absolutely incredible and I'm so lucky to have been asked to play a tune in this beautiful chapel. If you ever get a chance, come to their Carols and Readings. WONDERFUL music, beautiful harmonies, gorgeous chapel. I'm in Hogwarts right now and you can't convince me otherwise.

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Spacy space noises with the @yamahadrumsofficial EAD. Actually works pretty well on my large kit. Sweeeeeeet.
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#pasic2018 was an absolutely amazing experience. My first, and it was HEAVEN. walked around like a child in a candy store, except that store was 5 miles long and filled with drums and cymbals. Got to meet and talk to so many of my heroes, and got to see many a mind blowing performance as well. @emmanuellecaplette, @aspears, @toddsucherman, @thebigtroublemusic, @ivan.drums, @dennis_chambersdrums @victorwooten, @natesmithdrums, @glen_sobel, Glen Valez, @jeffhamiltondrums, @zachdanziger @cara_wildman_music, @margaretemilygraham, @old_joe, @madeleinemcqn, @rmisticks @cindyblackmansantana and so many countless others and exhibitors and booths. I didn't think I'd be tearing up, but this whole experience was so beautiful and so inspiring. I love this entire community.

The pre show set up, then the in the house set up. Nice and claustrophobic!!! Just how any pit musician likes it. Matilda Jr. This week!!!! Gonna be a fun lil show.
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Ahh finally. The Scarlet Harlot is finally all there. Bought some more pieces to fill out the gigging kit a little more. 10, 12, 12, 13 rack toms (yes two twelves. Prob gonna sell one and find an 8), 14 and 16 floor toms, and 18 and 22 kicks. I think I'm officially covered for just about most situations (although an 8in Tom and 20in kick would just fill out the herd really.) second pic is my stay set up, big ol practice kit. Gigging kit in red, practice kit in blond, natural finish. They sure are beautiful and I love them dearly <3 <3
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#worldblastbeatday or #worldblastbeatsday or whatever @reynlord. First I thought I'd show my progress on 250bpm blasts. Impressive and powerful if I do say so myself.
Second shows off 200bpm. It's still not terribly clean, but hey that's what practice is for dudes!! Enjoy the best day of the year everyone.

#drums #blastbeatsnotpeople #blaaaaaaaaast

Chops schmops. Joining the @cartermac and @sterloid basics train. Definitely need some work on my groove chops. Only practicing heavy metal and 200bpm double bass and blasts leaves my groove a bit stiff. I'll get there.

#chopsschmops #basictrain #groove

I mean, this is what it sounds like when you're not quite fast enough to play the song properly. It's more triplet than 16ths, and my blasts sound GOD AWFUL (sorry @reynlord I hope I don't put shame to Oct. 19, international blast beat day)
But Invisible Control by @decapitatedband has been my biggest goal as a drummer. One of my favorite bands, and favorite songs and I've been pushing myself for years to be able to play it properly. And I'll get there. Oh I'll get there. @_krimh_ Thanks dude for being an absolute beast, and really, REALLY getting me into decap back in the day. One of my biggest inspirations in the metal world.


Mental health day. It's a crazy thing. Our mind and mental state can do wonders. It can bring us up, and tear us down. It builds walls so strong and thick we can't even remember what the other side looks like anymore.

But I want you to know, that it's ok. It's ok to not be ok. It's ok to feel like the world is falling apart. You'll be ok. The world may be falling apart, but what forms through the dust can be invigorating. It brings new life, a fresh start. It's terrifying. It really is.

This year alone has been interesting to say the least. It's the best I've felt in a very long time. I graduated 2 summers ago. I have two steady jobs, I'm starting to get a consistent and rotating list of gigs. I'm getting calls back and being asked to play for people. I finally feel like I'm making a small dent in this vast musical world. I've made some wonderful friends. I've lost some. Both good people and toxic but I still wish them nothing but the best and hope they find happiness as well.

This picture is my happy place. It gives me sanity. It unleashes my anger. It's my crazy monstrosity and I love it. So much. It keeps me going.
I love you all. Ya crazy Instagram family you. I hope you're all doing alright.

Shit man. Last night was the literal equivalent of 'If you love something hard enough, and work your ass off, you can achieve damn near anything.' Seriously one of the most inspirational shows I've been to. @planetbooty was just wonderful. I needed a good ass shaking to start things off.
@twrpband was just a JOY. My first TWRP show and I'm forever a fan. Wonderful show, awesome music, and just a damn fun time. And holy rocking FUCK @ninjasexparty was everything and more. I've never flipped off someone more and felt so proud. Every song you could just feel the love and appreciation these guys have for what they get to do. It was just perfect dudes. Just perfect.

A couple a sunsets from vacation up in Cape Cod. It doesn't get any better than that.

What's that? Yet another musical theatre post? It's almost as if that's all I ever post on here. Same kit, same cymbals, near same set up with various toys generally in the same ish area. GOD DAMNED CONTENT. THAT'S WHAT IT IS.
Playing Shrek The Musical. Heck ya.
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