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Merry (almost) Christmas in July, from all of us here at the Slutty Duckling! First night together as roommates too!! 🌲🌲🌲

Celebrating the forth with the fam since I'll be working all week! So Happy 4th from myself and the guy I get my looks from!

Happy Birthday to these beautiful humans! Thanks for throwing a swingin' party! Glad I made it in time for the glitz and glamour party, after my day at my paper stand πŸ˜‚ somebody missed the memo! πŸ™ˆ

I don't think I could have asked for a better ending to the day than this. @glamcaminstaaagram is 10000% the reason that yesterday meant so much more to me than I would have thought a year ago. Because he introduced me to the Pulse family, and I wouldn't know the love I've grown to feel over the course of the last year without him! Which, with the love, I could feel the loss. But at parliament last night, to get to see the love, smiles and the dancing, was exactly what I wanted to see at the end of a long emotional day. So I want this moment to be my thank you, from the bottom of my heart and with all of my heart, for what I have been a part of, for what I have gained, and the love I have felt over this last year, because of him. Xo

#natalienayles #onelove #keepdancing #orlandostrong #onepulse

My heart just sunk into my stomach looking at my timehop. I don't know how I missed this last year, but this was right before the first time I ever went to Pulse. It was my first time ever going to a club at all! And though I never went fully enough for it to be a direct home tor me, the times I did go, it felt like a home. A safe place. That's what it should've been. It's what a place like that SHOULD always be, and my heart breaks even more today, knowing such a memory like this, falls onto the same day as an event that should never happened. And my heart reaches out to everyone, especially the family I've grown to make downtown in Orlando this last year, and all that I know they are feeling from what was lost. I wish I could've made pulse more of a home for myself, but due to those I have grown to love so much, it feels like a home to me. Because it was more than a building, it was those inside of it, and though it should never take lives to show love, the love that comes from the Pulse family is unfathomable, and I feel incredible to have been a part of that family over this last year. So love each other, because there is no better feeling. And you never know the impact you'll make, for someone who's been around for ages, or someone who pops up every once in a while, or maybe someone who is too young and has no business being at a club but couldn't help but want to be a part of it, and never regretted it. Rest In Peace, to those 49 who knew that love, and just wanted to live in that loving, happy moment for as long as the night would let them! #onelove #orlandostrong #onepulse #keepdancing

Got to be a part of American Crew at the Premier Orlando today! First time being involved in a hair show and I'm obviously not mad about the cut!

That my friends is the face of the end of my first time at any Gay Day event, and it certainly started with a bang! Also, that face says "I need an adult.. and maybe Jesus.... yeah definitely Jesus" but I'm glad I managed to make it to one gay day event! Already excited for next year!

To those who know me well enough, know that the Marlon Brando GIF rolling his eyes is actually my favorite thing to use! Thanks to @pclongcrier sending me this, I don't actually think this looks that similar, but I COULD NOT resist! I think he's becoming my idol!

One of my favorite days!

She graduated! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Now we're even! You sat through mine and I sat through yours! But congratulations!!!!!!

When Tokyo takes over Orlando! So happy to have a part of my Japan family in one place!

The only thing sweeter than Sprinkle's cupcakes, are these girls right here!- and hey, @leasha_burns is here too! #tokyofamily

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