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How Much Of You Is Still You?  Ciel • ♂ • 19 -- ♡ @sam.patico ♡ -- I post a LOT about my ocs Tf acct: Fleetshooter


Humor meeee, I’m bored and love talking about my ocs

MY BOY, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Artist: Crimsonic-Crisis, DeviantART

Shift Tide is too good and pure for this world. He’s have 0 problems with dying for Graveyard and his family in all honesty.
Artist: DeceptionCyberWolf, DeviantART
Graveyard belongs to Blissful-Rouzes, Instagram

Booster time!! Booster is a very sweet yet serious gal. She can go from holding you gently to comfort you, to taking on an entire group of bots in a fight if she needed to. She’s very protective of those she cares about, and will actually threaten anyone that dares to put them in harms way. Her large stature gives her a good advantage, and she is very skilled in hand to hand combat. She’s basically a very good mom friend, but will gladly and easily kick ass if she sees necessary. She is also dating Rose’s oc, Blithe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Artist: Blissful_Rouzes, Instagram / Blissful-Rouzes, DA

OH SHIT ITS THAT GOOD OLD MAN. Hell, I gotta get more art of Fleetshooter soon. His shark teeth are just,, perfect and I love him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Artist: galactic_lowlife , Instagram

Rorschach was originally suppose to be Crossfire’s bodyguard, since he’s a small movie star on Cybertron (gets small rolls). Cross has a horrible habit of running his mouth and not backing it up. Of course he’s had bodyguards in the past, but none that could handle both aspects of his life. Obviously keeping this a secret from the public, Crossfire’s parents, Burnout and Seascape, run a large mob on Cybertron. Bodyguards are always sworn into secrecy or are threatened with death if they breathe a word of the secret life. Crossfire wants no part in the mob life tbh, BUT he’s still involved regardless since his parents run it. Anywho, throughout his time with having Rorschach as just a friend, Cross literally constantly hit on Rorschach and made numerous advances. However, Cross made it seem like it was a joke/playful so he could play it off well if he was declined. Which happened every time ironically enough, since Rorschach didn’t think he had any serious undertones. It eventually became 100% serious (though he again didn’t make it seem that way somehow) as he fell hard for Rorschach. Rorschach soon even got feelings for Crossfire as well. He was the one to fess up his feelings since he doesn’t play games, and even asked him out on a date. The real kicker is that as soon as Crossfire confessed HIS love, Barbados came on in and was trying to get Ror’ for ransom since he knew Cross would make his dad do anything to get him back. Crossfire was pretty quick to offer himself over instead to save Rorschach, telling Barbados he can get more from his dad if he actually took him, and that he wouldn’t even put up a fight. Barb of course took him up in this, and took off back to his home planet with Crossfire. He got tortured prett y bad there, honestly. Like the first thing to happen to him was having his optics removed, then from there it was dismantlement and getting beat up and so on all while conscious. He was pretty on edge and quiet when they were able to finally get him back. Bu t he’s all good now and him and Rorschach are in a wholesome relationship, so bless them.
Artist: lillinapoc, Instagram
Rorschach belongs to sam.patico, IG

Just want to let you all know that Sam is extremely perfect and I love him sm. He’s super sweet and talented, you all should definitely go follow him <3
Artist: JessiiRoo, DeviantART
Skylar belongs to sam.patico, Instagram <3

Never forget RID 15 Fleetshooter has his glossa pierced. MmmM M and those shark teeth are choice as well. God I love him sm,,
Artist: lillinapoc, Instagram

Karina just HAD to break my heart by drawing Biggs and White Pearl consoling each other as they wait for their little runt gemling to hatch. Karina had brought up that the experience would definitely bring them closer together since WP realized he could talk to Biggs about anything, that they always have each other. The lil Gem hatched obviously, though he IS the smallest of all of them. The little bean really looks up to Biggs, too <3
Artist: lilartsyprime, Instagram
White Pearl belongs to lilartsyprime, Instagram

God I really need more art of MTMTE Fleetshooter, I fuckin love his design
Artist: ForgottenHope547, DeviantART

The doctor will see you now~
So happy I finally got this in the mail!!

Local gay monster god wants YOU to join her cult, will you answer the call and worship her?
Artist: z.acharie, Instagram

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