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Exzyle_aka  🔴CEO-Palkon Company Limited® .✨ Young Entrepreneur 🔶Investor ⚪️Motivational speaker 🔵Dream chasers @meekmill ⚫️Snap chat: exzyle_aka

I turned a dollar to a thousand,a thousand to million,move my momm,daddy,from ranted apartment,lil sis in university that's a gangster shit🙅🏽🔌

I’m a type to say a prayer and go get what I prayed for 🙏🙅🏾‍♂️

Sleeping in class my teacher use to tell me I’m lazy niggah,shit makes me feel good because been million dreaming,now laughing 😂 at that ass counting money and blessings 🙏

I remember when i have nothing I’m talking pain and suffering,they can’t feel my pain because they don’t know where I come from,.putting mamma in a new crib that’s a gangster shit we trying to inspire every young niggah in the street 🙏

I always put God first in everything I do,everything I have is by the grace of God. is a gift,Remember to have goals,daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals with plans.Because dreams without goals is just a dream,don't inspire to make a living inspire to make a difference . Remember never confuse movement with progress,it's not how much you have but what you do with what you have that's success 🔌🙏@motivation @mr.paul1

Your true value is not determined by how much you started life with, but by how you are able to reposition yourself in life.🙅🏽🔌🐅

Years back got no shit on the table, loyal to the street, the street cooks millions for me 🔌🔥🌍🙏 @meekmill @bloodrich_

Yeah they put my back to the wall,seen all this shit happen before, I can't forget that I come from the bottom,if I look back I got nothing to lose,it's a movie to u all niggahs 🌍🙏@Bloodempire

HappyBirthday to the mother of Bloodempire @inna_hermosa_ you gonna live long on earth and all your dreams come true remember @bloodrich_ got you forever 🙏

Looking up to so many niggahs? Grind! They gonna look up to you .. Pluto@Bloodempire CEO🙅🏽

Young niggah from the jungle to feel success you got to hustle 🙅🏽🌊 @bloodrich_ @Bloodempire

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