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Michael Smith  Pastor and Personal Trainer - Biology Professor and Model - it's complicated :)


#twinning with my #shibainu :) - pc @cadesmith11

#mondaymotivation - you have one mind, one body, one soul, and one life - what are you doing today to make the most of it? #getafterit ! :)

So I graduated from seminary last night!

So much thanks to my patient and supportive wife and son's (this was my 3rd dance school wise - 2 of those degrees were with them in the picture), to my generous family (who gave so much towards tuition), to all of my amazing friends (who were gracious all those times I had to skip hanging out due to studying or writing), the the RTS faculty (who were always so patient with our many questions and for practicing what they taught), to redeemer DT (who often covered for me at events when I had papers due), and to my lovely classmates (who I have learned so much from and alongside of) - and of course thanks to @timkellernyc - for being so humble, so encouraging, and inspiring enough to get me to move 3000 miles to hopefully become a better pastor !

Sincerely -
Michael Smith, MS, MABS, ACSM-CPT

JK - I'm not that pretentious :) #wedidit

#fitnessfriday - these 5 exercises wrecked me.
1 - mule kick burpees x 10 x 5 sets (30s rest between sets)
2 - modified kicksits x 20 x 5 (30s rest between sets)
3 - battle ropes x 30s x 5 sets (30s rest between sets)
4 - hanging leg raises x 12
5 - Roman chair crunches x 12 (super sets x 5)

Happy #humpday :)
PC - @karjaka
Styling - @geraldinexox

#wisdomwednesday - #hunter and the #hunted. This is a cicada - they make those really loud and kind of annoying sounds in the trees throughout the #summer (and have a crazy 17 year life cycle). The next pic is a cicada killer wasp - they are 1.5 to 2 inches long and although they are very formidable looking, they are actually docile and rarely sting - males don't even have a stinger :(. The females hunt the cicadas, incapacitate them with venom, lay an egg on the abdomen area, and then stuff them in a burrow where their baby wasp will soon emerge and have a cicada feast. Both of these species are in #nyc :)

#tbt - such a poser :)

#wisdomwednesday - Rider and I were looking under rocks in #Cornwall and found this cool critter - meet "Anguis fragilis" - aka the "slow worm". It's actually a legless #lizard (not a #snake or #worm) and English people usually like them bc they eat small pests like garden insects. Now you know :) #creation #science #nature #getoutside #explore #biology #scienceiscool #travel #snake #lizard #earth #uk #nyc

Rider is still learning to pose on command :)

Always thankful for the chance to #preach on English soil :)
#church #truth #gospel #faith #Jesus #life #uk #cf17uk

Very thankful for our new digs and new front yard at #generaltheologicalseminary :)
#getoutside #green #trees #grass #sun #nature #life #creation #chelsea #nyc

#wisdomwednesday - I found this red-spotted newt on recent trip to our place in Pocono Pines, PA. This guy is an adolescent (of the 3, this is the 2nd terrestrial life stage) and he will soon return to the water to live life as an adult. Although his red colors are vibrant and beautiful, they warn predators of a powerful chemical defense that make him and the rest of his kind inedible - respect the gingers :)
#science #biology #creation #Creator #scienceiscool #poconos #pennsylvania #newt #life #getoutside

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